Is Your Friend A True Friend?

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You might think you have the best friend in the world, but you could be wrong. I hope not - but if you're wondering, take this friend test and find out for sure.

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    Has your best friend EVER, in the entire time that you've been friends, called you a b****?
    Has your best friend EVER, in the entire time that you've been friends, called you a b****?

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Delani (52765)
my best friend is a guy...
Uhhh (79104)
7 days ago
No, to #7, my bff doesn’t even like guys
Quinn (57624)
19 days ago
So my bff and i have this friendship in which we always roast act other and tease each other for fun. We call it our thing. But she and her other friends don't do the same thing. Is this a bad sign that she isn't real and is probably fake towards me?
Sumaiya (66361)
24 days ago
Hi mere saa5 ek baar koin dhokha dii thi she was very bad now she is good towards me i dont want say har name
Pratik (39038)
29 days ago
Life friend
carie-anne (92986)
39 days ago
my friends hit/kick me. they say ' it's funny how easily I bruise' one time I bit them back because they had my arms and they got made. and the steal my food. it would be fine if they gave me some of them their food. I feel like I cant tell them this upsets me because of the call that 'drama' and they don't like that. my legs are covered in bruises because if them. and their friends with this girl who hates me for some reason. I am not in high school yet and the other girls are more mean so I cant find new friends. I hate them. they make me cry. so why am I still their friends? I need some new friends please help.
Skyler (39486)
47 days ago
I now know are relation ship is weird
Skyler (39486)
47 days ago
Good helped me a lot
jake (08921)
56 days ago
very good , i like it
Unikittylovah (62110)
60 days ago
Shes...kinda my friend? She has always supported me and stuff but when it comes to "friendship" i think shed like a more popular or prettier friend than me, why you mayI really wnjoy our times tho. ask, because every time another friend tags in she forgets all ab out me. I mean....whyyyy?
Ray?? (60390)
61 days ago
She's my a true friend, I know the difference. She calls me a 💗 cause we love eachother and we fought 1 or 2 big fights (10 or more small ones like "You're smarter!" "NO U!") We're sisters
Morgan (19692)
62 days ago
It said she's not a true friend but in real life we are like sister! This test is so useless!
:( (68488)
68 days ago
Cry. I'm sad. :( I wasn't sure if she even liked me, but she hangs out with me, Sits with me at Lunch, I turn into her Bestie, then her birthday comes, and she invites people she never talks to, and I know FOR SURE they weren't friends in the past. (I asked her and the other person...) :( Sad.
Dgaf (47342)
68 days ago
Vivek (25743)
69 days ago
Oh I use it it is very bad Very bad site. H.
Yamini Sachan (34939)
73 days ago
Idgaf because i dont like her as well and btw she is not my best friend or even friend! We are both classmates and FAKE friends.. *wink*
Rachel Smith (93864)
74 days ago
It says I am soul sister with my bestie. I always knew it.
Sideriah (42036)
74 days ago
Zy'ria you is my true friend to me
Zoe (02398)
75 days ago
Seriously! I thought we were best friends!
Lexie Waggoner (22512)
78 days ago
I Love My Bestie!!!
(As a Bestie)