Is your friend a true friend?

Developed by: Jen Jen

You may think you have the best friend in the world, but you could be wrong. Take this quiz and find out if your friend is true.

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    Has your so called best friend EVER in the entire time that you've been friends called you a b****?
    Has your so called best friend EVER in the entire time that you've been friends called you a b****?

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Janani (12466)
Really we both still don't have a boyfriend yet. We both enjoying our selfs right now.
Alive (65947)
It's hard. I have true friends that i trust and some if them are boys. And i have true friends and alot are girls
Hannah Castillo (13504)
2 days ago
This is the awesome-st test ever but i guess she is not a true best friend i thought we were soul sisters but were not she just told me she hates me cause i like her boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4 days ago
my bff is my bf..... Well, we like each other, and my other bff is jealous tho she won't admit it. I said I would give him up for her, and she said, "Stop being such a saint! Evryone noes ur a fake..." my other bff/bf saw us, hugged me, and said i'm a true frind. sniff
dumb (13942)
6 days ago
my friend told me to take this quiz. we have been best friends since the third grade and i am 17 now . and this quiz just told me "i don't know if she a true friend" . sure. okay.
Madie (87034)
9 days ago
My friend is a true friend lol she took this test with me
Random 101 (50261)
10 days ago
Don't let them get you down. one of my very good friends turned two of my friends against me. when both of them left he said he was just joking and blamed the other two guys. the best way to say your not friends is to not communicate with them.
Hoiitstemmie (20992)
19 days ago
But at least have a other friend that cheers me up ;)
Hoiitstemmie (20992)
19 days ago
I have a friend that I really don't like....but I guess I have deal with her...
Gaby (47312)
24 days ago
((efusiva)) my friend prolly hates me
Melodie da Potterhead (87323)
35 days ago
May I will try help U
Melodie da Potterhead (87323)
35 days ago
Entmy bff and I have been BFFs ever since we met. But I think she's falling away from me... Over a computer game.😢😢😢😢er
May (74278)
36 days ago
I think I'm good now I talked to my friend, were good about drama now!
Man these tests are cool #allthetests
May (74278)
37 days ago
PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!
So I am changing my name too may instead of will u eve find out who it is?

I only got 2 questions " right"

I know this sounds weird but I know I just found out bout this but I really need someone to talk to .I have so much useless drama from last year :(
Please someone come !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(not trying to sound to desperate )
Will u eve find out who it is? (74278)
37 days ago
Hi I am exited to find out how cool my bff4evr is????????!!!!!!!!! :)
Margot (52231)
37 days ago
If you're going to post a comment, Ama, please make it useful or relevant.
Ama (30232)
43 days ago
Me (87582)
45 days ago
YOu guys need to talk you have me
Me (87582)
45 days ago
My life is just like kim
kim (87582)
45 days ago
i have drama and i don't know what to do???
i hate what i have now..
i need to talk to this group i can trust you guys