Is your friend a true friend?

Developed by: Jen Jen

You may think you have the best friend in the world, but you could be wrong. Take this quiz and find out if your friend is true.

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    Has your so called best friend EVER in the entire time that you've been friends called you a b****?
    Has your so called best friend EVER in the entire time that you've been friends called you a b****?

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Archita (91860)
84 days ago
Klarise (80144)
90 days ago
I didn’t much understand the questions
A. Naga Tejaswini (05138)
91 days ago
Love Ms Y's music (18703)
92 days ago
Me and my Music teacher are golden friends!!!!!
Anonymouse 🐭 (75509)
93 days ago
I have a big problem. Me and my friend had a fight yesterday, so today we didn’t talk to each other in school. And today was really great. So I decided that I’m better off not being friends with her. But then she texted me and asked if we were still friends. She made me feel really bad. But I know that she also makes me feel bad to get what she wants. So I’m not sure if she’s doing it on purpose or not. I don’t really want to be friends though. She use to be my best friend and mean a lot to me, but now I don’t know why but I just don’t care about her. Maybe I’m just bored of our friendship. And kinda sick of her. I know that we made a lot of memories together but I just don’t know why I feel this way.
Nevaeh (53573)
98 days ago
This test is awesome
Purple_blueberry (27254)
98 days ago
Ethan's a girl according to the quiz
Secret (54206)
105 days ago
She is my supposedly best friend on earth as she says and she got 1/10
Prachi (61403)
106 days ago
My best friend is Princy. Well she is many times clever! but she is sweet! she is a trouble really! she is so funny, that we love to tease her! but she had been my best friend since k.g. class. whenever we both are together , we cannot live without fitting with each other once a day but then we again start making jokes and laugh. I do not know that if she really think that I am her best friend but she always helped me . she gave me books many times when i didn't brought it, she helped me when i got hurt, she stopped me when i cried and wiped my tears. and then one day she said that will you be my best friend and we both are best friends! my another friend always try to break our friendship and I listen to her and say you are right but till end of the day , i cannot stop myself talking to her! well, now we have started sharing our biggest secrets! well, the truth is- only she ! she tells her all secrets but i mix and match my secret and tell to her. she doesn't know anything about me! well, you know maybe i am a little bit shy, i cannot stop my laugh , so its better to keep your secret a secret only! BUT! however and whatever , she is lying or telling truth, meaning me as her best friend from inside or outside, she is really a good girl! she is fabulous!
Really, I did prefer a friend like her!
Nesara (47735)
107 days ago
My best friend is bhavya(bhumi
Bish (16772)
107 days ago
Useless my friend is as true as ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kaylin (74459)
108 days ago
kkkkkkkiiiilllllllllllllllllllll mmmmmmeeeeeeeeee
kaylin (74459)
108 days ago
i like this test because it is so true and acuret
Abdi (97479)
110 days ago
U dont need to know (52511)
117 days ago
I got 9/10 cuz I said this quiz was useless :/
The Moist Juice (55039)
118 days ago
I just did this with someone I strongly dislike but she acts all nice. She got 3/10 so... yeah. I really don’t like her and I’m sure she isn’t too fond of me either.
yuktha (10364)
120 days ago
my friends are my life
Anonymous (14004)
123 days ago
Wait.... my boyfriend? I may have a crush but... I'm to young for a boyfriend....
Anonymous (20783)
126 days ago
So we are a group of bffs and well , the thing is that i dont use my much and one of my other bffs told me that in her bio she wrote all the other group member's names except mine so yea..I kind of saw this kinda result coming
Boob saas (57141)
126 days ago
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