When Will I Get A Boyfriend?

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Are you wondering when you'll get a boyfriend? Most girls get one eventually, but this means in the near future. Take the test and find out when it will happen for you!

  • 1
    What traits do you think a good boyfriend should have?
  • 2
    What are boys most likely to say about you?
    What are boys most likely to say about you?
  • 3
    You have a crush but he hasn't asked you out. Why do you think this is?
  • 4
    Which are you most likely to be doing on a Friday night?
  • 5
    It's the last day of school and you give him your yearbook to sign. He:
  • 6
    You are at the mall over the summer and happen to see your crush. He:
  • 7
    You're talking to your crush when a hot girl walks by. He:
  • 8
    You're at a dance. Without permission, your best friend asks your crush if he'll dance with you. He:
  • 9
    If you are already dancing with your crush, he would:
  • 10
    If you were to ask your crush what some good things about you are, he might say:

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2 hours ago
this was great now i know that my crush will or is liking me..!!!Enter here your text you want to format
18 hours ago
Meh sis just wants me to get a boyfriend and NOBODY LIKES ME!
Okay...this is really long story. Let’s flash back 4 years when I was in 5th grade. It went to a newly opened private school with not many kids. There was this boy in 4th grade. (The 4th and 5th graders hung out a lot like 45 minute recess dimes an hour and a half, 30 minute lunch: 1 hour P.E. Anyway, I after like two months I had a huge crush on him. I liked him because he is funny, good at basketball, we had lots in common, and just was a good person.

I was so innocent back then. Now, as I look back he obviously liked me. We would play basketball just the two of us most days. Some days others would join us. We would talk al, the time so comfortably. We would look into each other’s eyes. It was soooo....amazing!

Christmas comes around. We do secret Santa. Guess who I got?! Him! He was able to guess I was his because we knew each other very well.

By the way, he was my brother’s best friend, so when he was there it was a bit awkward. The year continues, we both have fun together.

Then April, we discover the school was closing in a month. I was devestated. It felt like something was ripping my insides apart. 6th grade starts we meet on Fridays at chess tournaments but my brother and parents are there. As he and my brother were beat friends, they had a sleep over in October. I was ecstatic. We play Minecraft. We kind of team against my brother. We all sleep on a huge mattress. My brother in the middle☹️. My brother falls asleep within a few minutes. We stay up and talk for hours in complete bliss. We only say good night when we hear the back door open, meaning our parents came in. He leaves the next morning. We do a long hug!

I only see him once more 6 months later. Nothing comes out of it because we were too young. I was sad and felt a void in my heart that could not be filled. After months, I was able to put him out of my mind. Mid 7th grade, I started liking an 8th grader (not from my school).. Yet every one in a while, the other one would pop up in my mind. After a couple of months I don’t see boy #2 anymore. I’m pretty sure he liked me too. Though, I did not feel as strong for him as I did for #1.

I don’t like anyone for months. Fast forward a year to the end of 8th grade. All of a sudden, I start thinking and fantasizing about #1. I don’t know why. In July, I can’t stand it and send him an email. More as friends so not to creep him out. It sucks. I check everyday and still no response. Today, I watched his YouTube channel. I needed to hear his voice and see what he looked like. Sadly, he didn’t have face camera or whatever on.

It sucks liking someone sooo much when you haven’t seen them in 2 and a half years. He is probably a whole, different person. He might even like someone or have a girlfriend. The thought slices through me like a knife. It’s agony not having a way to see him but have deep feelings for him. Does he even remember me? The void in my heart has gotten bigger and bigger.😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
4 days ago
this made me recognize how i feel,who i am,and how i feel. this is amazing. ;):)
5 days ago
Iam boyfriend touch me my boyfriend name is David Douglas and me and him breaking up last Friday
9 days ago
He well take me out I no it
11 days ago
I'm going to never get a boyfriend 😢😢 nobody even likes me 😭😭😢😢😥😥
14 days ago
I need a best boyfriend ever
17 days ago
In the 4th and 5th grade this boy and I had a crush on each other and the whole grade knew it and made fun of us in a joking way. We would always turn red when people asked us if we liked each other even though we both knew it was true. In 5th grade he hit me with a ball in the face by accident but I didn’t hear him calling my name so I ran away crying because it hurt so much. A few days later he apologized and I said it was okay even though it really wasn’t. I had classes with him all throughout middle school and in 7th grade I had honors math with him every day and a locker right next to him. I got into an honor society and so did he and I had Italian and stem classes with him. I saw him very much and I started to get this little crush on him later finding out that he asked a girl out I didn’t even see that he liked. I now feel like I lost the chance to get a boyfriend. I know that I will probably just focus on school all throughout high school because my parents will never allow me to date and I kind of feel like I missed the chance. There are others boys that like me that I don’t like which is why I don’t know if I missed a chance. I’m writing here not that anyone cares because I want to see if this happened to anyone and what they did to get over their crush on someone who has obviously moved on now that I’m starting 8th grade next month and most likely have the chance to have a lot of classes with him again.😣😫😰
19 days ago
I’m so lonely hopefully I get to find a boy that is my type and asks me out.. that would be a dream. 🤞🏻💗
23 days ago
Ha Im 11 and ive already got a boyfriend blone hair and blue eyes. Love half up half down looks and absoloutly love Sav labrant!!
28 days ago
Hi I got a boyfriend the next day
29 days ago
this is so sad I need someone now
30 days ago
I just want a bf that loves me and cares for me and loves me and always has my back for everything and a boy that is nice cute in the right type me that’s all❣️❤️💕💘💖💗💓💞💝 I am 14 and my name is Mia
32 days ago
I’m to young I’m only 11
35 days ago
Hey i just want a sweet boyfriend who could take care of me and understand me and love me of course and ya
38 days ago
I wish I could tell my crush I like and spend every time with him but I think he doesn’t like me
40 days ago
I wish I could tell my crush that I like him im to scardy to ask him out
49 days ago
I'm only nine but I took this test.lLOL
55 days ago
I do have a crush, and we are good friends and we do hang out a lot. He has been very suspicious around me, and nearly all of my class thinks that he likes me😂