Pink Floyd 'Echoes' lyrics quiz

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This quiz is all about the lyrics to the songs on the 'Echoes: Best Of' CD. Enjoy!

  • 1
    'And no-one showed us to the land' is a line from which song?
  • 2
    Which song mentions a mouse called Gerald?
  • 3
    'Looking beyond the embers of __________ glowing behind us'. What is the missing word in this line from 'High Hopes'?
  • 4
    'A look of terminal shock in your eyes' is from which song?
  • 5
    'Us and Them' contains the line 'The _________ sat, and the lines on the map'.
  • 6
    'Hot ashes for trees' comes from which song?
  • 7
    'But in the town it was well known' is a line from which song?
  • 8
    'I'll need some _________ first'
  • 9
    'And I'm wondering who could be writing this song' is from which song?
  • 10
    'She's often inclined to borrow somebody's _______ till tomorrow' is taken from 'See Emily Play'.
  • 11
    'You reached for the secret too soon' is a line from which original album (also on 'Echoes')?
  • 12
    Which song is the line 'Witness the man who raves at the wall' taken from?
  • 13
    Which song contains the line 'Could blow this soul right through the roof of the night'?
  • 14
    'In a drawer of old ___________' is a line from 'When the Tigers Broke Free'.
  • 15
    'I'll sit in the corner' is a line from which song?
  • 16
    'I cannot put my finger on it now'. What's the next line?
  • 17
    Which song contains the line 'Would you touch me'?
  • 18
    '__________ on in quiet desperation is the English way' is a line from 'Time'.
  • 19
    Three tracks on 'Echoes' have no lyrics. 'The Great Gig in the Sky' and 'Marooned' are two. What's the third?
  • 20
    An easy one to finish! 'New car, _______, four star daydream'.

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