The True/ False Quiz/Test

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its the truest falsest quiz...some r true...some r false! mwahahaha

  • 1
    Was the great wall of china made to keep out the rabbits?
  • 2
    Do llama's answer your home phone?
  • 3
    Are the Penguins stalking you?

  • 4
    was tommy pickle (off rugrats) take drugs?
  • 5
    does spiderman wear undies on the outside?
  • 6
    do dogs like spongebob squarepants?

  • 7
    do cats fly and live in trees?
  • 8
    were do u hide your drugs?
  • 9
    can i have some drugs?
  • 10
    what is the lolliepop ladys name?

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