cats quiz

think u know all about cats then take the quiz

  • 1
    whats the most popular breed of cat?
  • 2
    whats the 2 most popular cats names?
  • 3
    o.k. cats have tails to?
  • 4
    whats a polidactal cat?
  • 5
    how many cats does the average home have?
  • 6
    what country worshipped cats in early times?
  • 7
    what kind of cat is the most expensive?
  • 8
    the fattest cat weighed?
  • 9
    cats have appeared in lots of movies which one did a cat not appear in?
  • 10
    some cats like to do this but most hate it

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713 days ago
Question five was wrong. The average home has either one cat or none. Other then that, good quiz!!! Although I didn't get many right answers... But I'm a dog person. Ask me and dog question, I'll know it!