Is your relationship meant to be?

Some People think they are in the perfect relationship and they have that perfect someone. But do They really belong together or is it all Puppy love. Not sure what is going on while your other is alone well take this test to test your relationship and find out if your relationship is really ment to be or if it is bologna

  • 1
    When you and your partner disagree does he/she leave
  • 2
    If your significant other cheated on you would you cheat on them to get even?
  • 3
    if you walked in and your significant other was in bed with one of your good friends what would you do. (the friend is both yours and there close friend)
  • 4
    If you are at work and you see this good looking person of the opposite sex and they want to go to a movie. But you are going to dinner with your significant other you say:
  • 5
    you have dinner made for your signifacant other for your anniversary and they never come home what do you do?
  • 6
    Its your birthday and your significant other wants to go hang out with friends but you insist on spending your birthday with him or her what do you do
  • 7
    you accidently switched cell phones with your significant other what do you do
  • 8
    a good afternoon off of work is
  • 9
    you and your significant other are in the car what do you do
  • 10
    how would you explain your sex life?

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