WWE Quiz

Developed by: Sean Lilly

If The WWE, Come To This Quiz.....

  • 1
    What Is JBL's Full Name?
  • 2
    At No Mercy, Who Set The Undertaker On Fire, While The Undertaker Was Inside A Casket?
  • 3
    What Championship Is Booker T Holding Right Now?
  • 4
    What Championship Does Kurt Angle Want From John Cena?
  • 5
    Who Are The Smackdown Tag Team Champions?
  • 6
    Who Are The RAW Tag Team Champions?
  • 7
    At Survivor Series Triple H Will Face Who In A Last Man Standing Match?
  • 8
    Who Is The SLUTTIEST RAW Diva?
  • 9
    In The WWE One Person Bitches And Complains, Who Is This WWE Superstar?
  • 10
    Who Will Trish Stratus Face At Survivor Series For The WWE Women's Championship?
  • 11
    Who Is The Ugliest WWE Superstar Today?
  • 12
    Do You Think That Lance Cade And Trevor Murdoch Will Ever Regain Their World Tag Team Championships From Kane And The Big Show?
  • 13
    Who Says That They Are That Damn Good On RAW?
  • 14
    The WWE Fans Chant YOU SUCK To Whom?
  • 15
    Who Is The WWE Intercontinental Champion?

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