How well do you know Kim?

Developed by:

1. Read the questions.
2. Answer them.

  • 1
    Kim did NOT spend her entire 8th grade Computer Tech II class...
  • 2
    Which of the following jobs has kim NOT done during her life?
  • 3
    Decipher which of the following is a shameful experience that Kim has NOT had

  • 4
    Kim is not addicted to...
  • 5
    Choose the incorrect statement:
    Kim is no longer addicted to _______.
  • 6
    Kim's lucky number is:

  • 7
    Choose Kim's least favorite animal out of the following:
  • 8
    Kim is known for getting drunk and posting on the facebook wall of ________
  • 9
    Kim is not _____.
  • 10
    Choose the INCORRECT statement:

    You would never find Kim's car...

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