Gilmore Girls Quiz! HARD!

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Are you a real Gilmore Girls fan? Take this quiz now if you think you know everything there is to know. This quiz is for real fans only! Only a real fan can pass this quiz

  • 1
    Who was originally cast to play Dean before Jared Padalecki?
  • 2
    The Warner Brothers back lot set called "Midwest" where Gilmore Girls is filmed was built in 1946 for the film....
  • 3
    Fill in the blank:

    The episode "Luke Can See Her Face" featured three members of the _________ family. The took on the role as TJ (Liz's boyfriend), TJ's brother, and the character in the movie "Fatso" Lorelai and Rory were watching.

  • 4
    The character of Lane Kim is based on which on Amy Sherman-Palladino's friends?
  • 5
    Liza Weil originally tested out for the part of..
  • 6
    Although the character Rory Gilmore loves coffee Alexis Bledel cannot stand it. In real life her cup is filled with...

  • 7
    In the episode "Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller" Luke is leaving Lorelai messages on her answering machine. He mentions that his phone number is..
  • 8
    Lorelai's dog Paul Anka is named after a(n)..
  • 9
    The first time Sean Gunn (who plays Kirk) appeared on Gilmore Girls he did not make his appearance as Kirk. Instead he was Mick a(n).....
  • 10
    Fill In the Blank:

    The town of Stars Hollow is based on the town of ____________.

  • 11
    Fill In The Blank

    A standard one-hour television show would require actors to memorize 45-50 pages of script. However, because of the fast paced speech Gilmore Girls actors are required to memorize ______ pages.
  • 12
    Who was originally cast to play Sookie?
  • 13
    Dave, Lane's Boyfriend, left for college at California. Actually he had to go to California to film the tv show..
  • 14
    Why does Dave not drink soda?
  • 15
    What did Zach want to name their band?
  • 16
    Why was Rory and Lorelai disgusted when they saw Brennon Lewis was working at Luke's?

  • 17
    "Naked Guy"'s real name is..
  • 18
    According to Emily, Lorelai sold her Baccarat candlesticks for a(n)...
  • 19
    Where did Luke take Lorelai on their first date?
  • 20
    What is Luke's daughter's name?

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