Would you choose your friends over boys?

Answer the following questions honestly and you will find out if you would rather be with a boy than being with your friends or vice versa.

  • 1
    Your talking to a very hot guy on the internet your in maths class with, he asks if you want to go out to the cinema for a date but it's your friends sleepover that night .. what do you do?
  • 2
    This guy you've had a crush on for ages suddenly tells you he likes you and asks you out.The only problem is your best friend likes him aswel ..
  • 3
    You start going out with this new guy only he doesn't like any of your friends .. and your friends don't like him either.He refuses to be anywhere near them ..
  • 4
    Your out at the cinema with your friends and your best friends new boyfriend .. you pop out to get some popcorn and your best friends boyfriend says he'll come too.Whilst out getting popcorn he pushes you against the wall and sinks the lips on you ..
  • 5
    Your friend tells you and your group of friends who she really has a crush on .. only after she tells you that the guy she likes starts hanging around with you lots.Your friend becomes very jealous of you and bitchy ..
  • 6
    You start dating the schools bad boy, all your friends warn you and tell you he's dated 5 girls at once so you ..
  • 7
    You find out your new friends boyfriend is cheating on her .. so you confront him about this but instead of shouting at you he kisses you ..
  • 8
    This guy has a reputation for being mean, he calls you ugly on msn but then asks you out.Your friends say wise up but you ..
  • 9
    All your friends get guys at your school disco to kiss under the mistletoe but you don't.You get jealous of them and ..
  • 10
    Your boyfriend calls your best friend a bitchy fat cow, but you think your boyfriend is hot and like going out with him ..

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