alex b and the tiny jack boy

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do you know us? do ya do ya huh huh! i bet u dont but try if u get it all right u can hit jack

  • 1
    when are our birthdays?
  • 2
    what book did alex and jack BOTH get for christmas
  • 3
    what film have we BOTH seen more than any other?

  • 4
    what villages do alex and jack live in
  • 5
    do both of us have webcams
  • 6
    just for change.what came first the chicken or the egg?

  • 7
    how many concents have alex and jack been to see together?
  • 8
    how many times have jack and alex gone to france seperatly?
  • 9
    did we get bored doin this quiz
  • 10
    do you like alex and jack

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