Which 'Harry Potter' Character are you?

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This simple quiz will tell you which HP character you are most like.

  • 1
    Who's your favourite teacher at Hogwarts?
  • 2
    What position would you play in Quidditch?
  • 3
    What kind of person are you attracted to?

  • 4
    You spend your spare time-
  • 5
    How big is your family?
  • 6
    Do you have a pet?

  • 7
    What do you usually do in class?
  • 8
    What shop/pub are you most likely going to visit at Hogsmeade?
  • 9
    Where are you going this summer?
  • 10
    Your friends describe you as-

  • 11
    Which group do you belong in?
  • 12
    You are how old (in the wizarding world)?
  • 13
    You see a Slytherin hexing your friend. You-
  • 14
    Your hair is-
  • 15
    Who do you hate the most?
  • 16
    What would your patronus be?

  • 17
    You are-

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627 days ago
What there's another story!
--Malfoy: HELP! I'M STUNNED!
--Harry: Silencio!
--Ron: Avada Ked--
--Malfoy: *continues to mouth like he can talk but no sound comes out*
--Harry: Avada Kedavra!
--Hermione: I've got the Prophecy! LOL!
--Sorting Hat: Harry, I really should've put you in Slytherin.
--Harry: I don't care about Slytherin! I really wanted Hufflepuff at first, not Gryffindor!
--Malfoy: I'm still alive! You missed me b--
A jet of green light hits Malfoy but shields back and hits Hermione, but shielded back to Malfoy.
A large BANG hit the ground as Malfoy died. The BANG was You-Know-Who!
--You-Know-Who: How dare you kill my--
--Hermione: AVADA KEDAVRA!
Another jet of green light hit You-Know-Who, shielding to Harry--shielding back to You-Know-Who, he dies.
Almost every single Death Eater came and complained why You-Know-Who is dead, but they were all Stupefy!-ed by Ron, Harry, and Hermione.
--Hermione: My Biggest Fear Is Malfoy! Thank you for killing both Malfoy and You-Know-Who!
--Harry: No problem. :)
--Ginny: Remember to write my name, commenter.
627 days ago
--Ginny: Malfoy! I got the Prophecy from Harry!
--Malfoy: I don't believe you! Harry's got the Prophecy!
--Ginny: Harry I need the Prophecy!
--Harry: OK as long as it's for tricking Malfoy
--Ginny: Now I've got the Prophecy from Harry!
--Malfoy: I NEED THE PROPHECY! Accio Proph-
--Ginny: Avada Keda--
--Malfoy: *runs away*
--Ginny: Kedavra!
A jet of green light hits Malfoy and kills him instantly.
--Malfoy: *dies*
--Ginny: Here's the Prophecy back, Harry!
--Harry: Thank you, Ginny. You-Know-Who is going to--
--Ginny: Why You-Know-Who? Remember what Dumbledore said, always use the right name for things.
The end.
627 days ago
Hermione Jean Granger (35748), saying the Dark Lord's Name means you can only take five more Quizzes about Harry Potter for a month. Save your Harry Potter quizzes.
I would cast the spell "Avada Kedavra!" on Malfoy if I were Harry Potter. That would serve him right.
Boing! B-B-Boing!
Malfoy, I got a surprise for you! It's all the candy! *malfoy comes excitedly* AVADA KEDAVRA! lol tricked you Malfoy
627 days ago
Why am I and only I 12% Malfoy? BOO!
#1: Did Vol--I mean You-Know-Who DIE?
#2: Did Harry ever say "Avada Kedavra!"!
#3: Did Harry survive through the 11 years at home, and the 7 years at V--You-Know-Who?
#1 trillion: Did Harry survive through Epilogue: Nineteen Years Later?
And if you don't send this comment, you are a git and again get a 1 star rating. That took me five minutes to make. And you will get a BOO! if you reject the comment.
#1 centillion: On the sixth book of the fourth chapter, is Harry taking the Hogsmeade Express?
1029 days ago
How am I 12 percent malfoy Slytherin 💗he is the worst he is evil I mean he serves Voldemort inquisitorial squad is going down and I mean it wish he just avada kedavra-ed himself and if I were Slytherin I'd be a big disgrace