the master hamtaro quiz

...I looooove hamtaro. take my test to see if you do to

  • 1
    what is the names of the tottaly opposite ham-hams in ham-ham heartbreak (gameboy game)
  • 2
    what is the meaning of the word... minglie
  • 3
    who is the youngest hams
  • 4
    when is penelopes birthday
  • 5
    who is the owner of penelope
  • 6
    what is the japanese name for hamtaro
  • 7
    what is the name of laura's dog
  • 8
    what is the japanese name for oxnard
  • 9
    where was hamtaro created (you should tottaly know this)
  • 10
    what is the name of the hamtaro game that has not came out in the U.S yet
  • 11
    is there different ham-hams in japan (like new characters)
  • 12
    what is episode #4 called
  • 13
    who is the sporty one
  • 14
    where does hamtaro meet oxnard
  • 15
    ok if you loooooove hamtaro just as much as i do. I have a plan to get it back onto cartoon network. e-mail them and ask for hamtaro back with a tiny bit of anger or alot. so if alot of people do this we might have hamtaro back in a few days! are you in?

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