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The title says it all

  • 1
    To start off with an easy question, how many books are currently out?
  • 2
    In the first book, who was the first person to get sorted into their house?
  • 3
    Who is the Hufflepuff house ghost?

  • 4
    Who is the Ravenclaw head of house?
  • 5
    Who became Headmaster/mistress at the end of the Half Blood Prince?
  • 6
    In the sorcerer's stone, what did Fred and George think Professor Quirrel kept under his turban

  • 7
    What was Tonk's Patronus in the Half Blood Prince?
  • 8
    what was the name of the potion Harry got in the Half Blood Prince as a reward for making the best potion in the class?
  • 9
    Who was the potions teacher in the Half Blood Prince?
  • 10
    Who is the Minister of Magic in the Half Blood Prince

  • 11
    Who is Barty Crouch's house elf?
  • 12
    Ron's first girlfriend is
  • 13
    Who was the Ministry Apparition instructor?
  • 14
    Who gives Harry a cauldron cakes with love potion mixed in it, but Ron accidentally eats them?
  • 15
    What does Ron leave behind in his apparition test?
  • 16
    Who attacks Bill Weasley in the half blood Prince?

  • 17
    Who is Harry Potter's 1st girlfriend?
  • 18
    Who was Harry Potter's 2nd girlfriend?
  • 19
    Who was Percy Weasley's girlfriend in the Chamber of Secrets?
  • 20
    How many prophecies has Professor Trelawney ever made, and who was her ancestor who was really psychic?

  • 21
    What was the object that made Dumbledore's hand blackened?
  • 22
    Who was the head of the orphanage in which Tom Riddle grew up in?
  • 23
    Who was Hermione's date to the Slughorn Club's Christmas Party?
  • 24
    How many horcruxes did Voldemort have?
  • 25
    And finally, how many of Voldemort's horcruxes were destroyed so far?

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