Can You Fly?

Developed by: Malliadh

I Fly
So high,
My sigh
sinks down
into the ground
But I
am so very high
that when else comes nigh
I wonder why
they can't fly...

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    Which verse is like you?

    The Flight of Freedom

    By John Three Eagles Fly Walden

    (1)Rising through the clouds higher and higher he soars through the shy

    Then he will disappear, and suddenly I begin to cry

    For I have touched the soul of a free spirit, one so free man really never sees

    That his spirit travels from sea to shinning sea

    (2)To man he is a trophy to put on a wall

    God I wish, man could hear the pain in his call

    He yearns for the challenge to be free

    But mans heart is closed and so hard that man can’t see

    (3)For what they have done to our brother in the sky

    Look closely and you will see a tear in his eye

    He is the master of the air and land

    He reached out to man and man put blood in our brothers hand

    (4)They have raped a spirit that wants to be free

    God my brother, why can not man open their eyes and see?

    They have destroyed a life that will no more be

    Man’s the watcher passing through the day

    One day soon man will have to pay

    (5)The ignorance that man has shown throughout the years

    has caused my spirit to cry in pain as my eyes shed more tears

    Be free my brother fly high in the sky

    Don’t trust man for man enjoys a ritual when one of you die

    Disappear to the wilderness and be free

    I will sing a prayer for my spirit and thee

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