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What Kind of Monster Am I?

16.42 % of users had this result: The Giant Blob: You're lazy and don't care for anything. Cheer up, it could be worse. Wait, no, it really couldn't. Oh well, anyway, ooze on!

5.76 % of users had this result: Zombie: You feel you don't have much purpose, and you use food as a reason to get out of bed. By that definition, a whole lot of us are zombies! Feast on!

14.88 % of users had this result: Vampire: You're a bit of a loner, and you enjoy the darker side of life. "Always stay on the dark side of life" is your favorite song. Bloody great tune!

46.64 % of users had this result: Wolf Man: You enjoy the wilderness and the night, almost as much as you enjoy looking at yourself. Head down to Trader Vic's and show off that perfect hair!

16.29 % of users had this result: Mummy: You expect only the best, you're lazy, and you expect things to be done for you all the time. By that definition, you could also be an A-list celebrity!