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What Career Is In My Future?

17.73 % of users had this result: Beep, beep, beep! Unless you put together a better life plan NOW, it might be too late and you'll end up dumping bins into a truck all day, five days a week. If that's OK with you, then OK. But if not, my advice is to pay much closer attention in class and to slow down on the partying. There will be plenty of time for partying once you're a big success and not broke like a joke. ;-)

11.25 % of users had this result: Your passion is obviously music, but that doesn't mean you should shun schoolwork. You might need a fallback, plus there's a lot to learn about everything that will inspire you when you write songs and music. You know what you're doing, but don't lose track of schoolwork; an education will also help you hugely someday.

56.17 % of users had this result: Wow! You definitely have your priorities in order, and that's a very good thing. I am sure your parents are proud. But it would also be good for you to loosen up once in a while and to not be completely rigid. You can end up a rich lawyer with a fun life, too, you know!

14.86 % of users had this result: You look like you're the next Johnny Depp. (Except for the legal troubles, hopefully!) You are so obsessed with drama and acting, you'll probably try hard in school just to make it. That's a really good idea! Just remember that you'll have to work really hard in LA or NY to make it, because so many other talented people are aspiring to the same goal. Some stars have good luck, but many more are made by hard work.