Who is your inuyasha dream guy?

wanna know which guy from "Inuyasha" would be perfect for you? Then take this quiz and find out!

  • 1
    you and him are going on a first date, what does he give you when he stands at your door looking at you?
  • 2
    you're walking to the park with your arm in his....then, you fall into a mud puddle. what does your date say?
  • 3
    you managed to clean off your dress, and now you're at a movie theater. what movie are you seeing?
  • 4
    the movie is over...your date is taking you to the zoo.....what animal does he like?
  • 5
    your date kisses you, what is it like?
  • 6
    ok, movie, zoo, kiss......perfect right? so, describe your date in one word.....
  • 7
    your date asks you a question, what is it?
  • 8
    how old is your date?
  • 9
    what does he look like?
  • 10
    ok....your date takes you to a restraunt, what is its theme?
  • 11
    is your guy, demon, half-demon or human?
  • 12
    what kind of ears does he have?
  • 13
    you're standing on your porch with your date....what are you doing?

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