The Hardest Harry Potter Test Ever

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32 Questions - Developed by: Hermione Granger - Developed on: - 130.030 taken - User Rating: 3.23 of 5.0 - 13 Votes - 5 people like it

Beware: this test may cause serious cramping of the brain and straining of the eyes. Do not take unless you have read the Harry Potter books at least 10 times each. No cheating or you will be disqualified. All questions have been taken from books.

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    What flavor ice pop did uncle Vernon buy Harry in book 1?

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Allie42 (01263)
11 days ago
It was a pretty good quiz, although some of the questions were a bit easy. I got 28/32.
Idk lol (56362)
29 days ago
what's upbyethis is Ron's least favorite color btw
Hermione Granger (38712)
49 days ago
This is sooo easy... I am only 10 years old, and I didn't cheat... I got all of them correct. I am a big Harry Potter fan
80 days ago
Nat 2 shabby, i got ALL of them and im only 9 and ive watched all the movies. MWA HA HA TAKE THAT PG 13!!!Also ive read all teh books 15 times!!!
Emme (15133)
97 days ago
I am only 9 and I read all the books ounce except i read 3 twice and I got 20out of 32
ACTUALLY the BIGGEST Harry Potter fan EVER (62490)
126 days ago
You do realise that some of the answer should aren't actually in the books, some of them are from the adult series, not the children's. P.S. Pleeeeeease no hate 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚
Nico (73017)
191 days ago
This is way to easy. tell me when you have made a harder quiz.
Bob (81335)
225 days ago
I think that this quiz is not very hard, and some of the questions are wrongly answered.
Khushi Shah (00738)
235 days ago
Im 10 years old and I have not cheated u nutwinks
I am a very big harry potter fan and read all the books on half the year.
Get some more difficult questions then we will see
Any way very good game but very easy questions
And also 9ncrease the number of questions!
Too less questions!
test fan (87637)
322 days ago
really liked the test.......... got 31 by 32.
was pretty simple, though some of it was luck
Hp fan (68293)
334 days ago
Got 29 out of 32... not too shabby
Potter fan (59550)
413 days ago
Blimey I mean seriously how many questions pls reduce
HP fan (37855)
430 days ago
Got 28/32... fairly simple quiz
most knowledgeable fan (52398)
488 days ago
RE: Someone (49407)
"it is Comet 360 not 260"

You're wrong, according to Order of the Phoenix chapter 3, the advance guard, Tonks said: "And I'm still riding a Comet Two Sixty"
Someone (49407)
619 days ago
It is Comet 360 not 260
Molly (43601)
653 days ago
32 correct... Merlin's ugly sweatervest, this was easy.
Somebody (35721)
670 days ago
Too many questions, n u underestimate cause i got 18, ur like aberage is 21.9 n all....
harry potter (02755)
935 days ago
omg there r so many questions plz reduce the amount of questions