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Which path should you persuit? Are you a natural toe examiner? Or maybe you were born to repair remote controls. You could be a bum! Find out!

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    If a monkey were to leap through the nearest window and attack you, you would:

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484 days ago
This test makes no sense. Leprechauns aren't even real to some people.
494 days ago
SERIOUSLY??!! my dream jobs are photographer and teacher
i got leprechaun or a janitor!!
DISGUSTING im such a fashionista that just thinking about being a janitor or just getting dirty makes me gag
859 days ago
Wow. I wanna be in the art field( like a graphic designer or something) and this quiz suggests I be a janitor. -~-
900 days ago
How the hell am I a leprechaun.
1439 days ago
what!?!? a leprchaun realy!!!
1689 days ago
nope not gonna happen ):
1719 days ago
Really?a leprechaun?I always wondered why I had a red beard from age 3.
1754 days ago
A job with dead people ?!?!?!? ya never gonna happen !
1892 days ago
A janitor? No way ever...u should see my bedroom alone~So not correct!
2066 days ago
i choose everything brutal especilly on that question if you were involved in a murder who will find out first i put that dude i killed lol
2066 days ago
bruh these questions are to personal
2080 days ago
If the phone was a random number I would pick up and say "Hello. You have reached papa johns pizza. Now 🖕 off and die."
2143 days ago
You should add a non of the above awnser.
2143 days ago
There is a 0.0000000000000001
Chance of that happening !!!!!!!!!!
2195 days ago
Use it to pay bills
2496 days ago
You should add a "none of the above" choice
2517 days ago
I got d LEPERCHAUN.......REALLY INTERESTING........ i luv UNICORNS..........BUT AS A CAreeR IT IS JST..........BLAH!...BLAH!.......
2622 days ago
i would use it to pay future bills