Does Your Crush Secretly Like You?

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This is the perfect quiz for anyone who is interested in knowing if the person they love feels the same way!

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    Does he/she ever talk to you?

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202 days ago
WOW 80% likes me :) :)
218 days ago
Yay! 40% likes me! Yay yay yay yay yay
231 days ago
I don't want to ruin our friendship
231 days ago
In love with me? More like I'm in love with him, I have liked him for about 10 months we are close friends but I just get that feeling ... he is different with me when we talk, when we see each other, he trusts me more than his homeboys. Recently this other girl came in the picture after she appeared I wasn't his 1, he admitted he use to like her, and looking back I think he use to like me, if he did I hope he still does. I really like him I just don't know anymore! 😭💔
269 days ago
For 60% you are: Your crush seems to like you or they think of you as a really good friend. Try to be more closer to them and step by step let them know how you feel! You never know! And remember: "Good things always come in small packages!":)

me: jumps off cliff
276 days ago
It seems totally unbelievable that he actually is in love with me :/
455 days ago
Aww man this isn’t specific enough see my rush doesn’t know I exist but I’m well I’m head over heels for him....I hate rejection
483 days ago
he doesnt like me 😭
499 days ago
My crush and me are friend's but,here's the problem She has a crush on my bestfriend and he doesn't like her sooo...
518 days ago
I think my crush likes me in secret he stares at me but he has a girlfriend

'Only for girls if ur crush has a girlfriend and he still stares at u just act like u don't like him and he will stare at u too much and fall in love whith u'
537 days ago
i have a crush on one of mt good friends and i dont wanna ruin my friendhip with him:/ What should i do??????????????????????
543 days ago
Me: Does he like me-
Test: He likes you!
Me: So he might like me...
Me: *jumps of a cliff*
543 days ago
He asked me out and asked if I loved him. I replied with I don't know and he said okay. From that day on wards he ignored my text but checks my status everytime.
590 days ago
I really like my crush and he really likes me too but the thing about it is he is my best friend and he is one year older than me and he is like the School golden boy so I kinda feel I don’t have a chance even though this test says other wise.
594 days ago
i like my crush but we were really good friends and i dont ruin our friendship by confessing. turns out he does like me too. 💗💗
653 days ago
Is this test real?!?
Hope its not a scam
662 days ago
Me: Oh it's half and half, I can't really tell-
Test: 50% he/she likes you!
Me: So half and half.
Me: *Jumps off bridge*
667 days ago
U really like him but he don't like me
707 days ago
so, it said "for 80 % you are: It seems that your crush mainly thinks of you as a friend." However, She is amazing at hiding thigs... and this might be one of those 'things' :P
713 days ago
Tbh, I love my crush. I chat online with him for a few years But He likes someone I don't know and the quiz said he thinks of me as a friend. And the other quiz said I had a chance. I don't know which one I should trust. I like him very much..and He's like family too me But he thinks of me as a little sister..