do your friends really like you?

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heres a way to determine if your friends are true to you ........ or not!
but don't take this too seriously it could just be your insecure or have mental issues ;)

  • 1
    do your friends ever go out without you then say they couldn't get hold of you as an excuse?
  • 2
    do you ever feel outcast when your hanging with your friends?
  • 3
    do you have brief spells where you just want to be alone and your frineds say something like 'are you allright, if you ever want to talk i'll be there' then when you do you suddenly can't get hold of them?
  • 4
    do your friends ever ignore you and say they didn't mean too they where just too busy?
  • 5
    do you have more than 10 friends in your group?
  • 6
    are you aged between 13-19
  • 7
    do your friends ever play jokes on you and laugh when you fall for it?
  • 8
    do your friends ever abandon you when your out and about somewhere?
  • 9
    have your friends ever borrowed something and never given it back?
  • 10
    do your friends make you feel isolated?
  • 11
    have they ever pressured you into doing anything you weren't comfortable with?
  • 12
    when you go to partys with your mates do they ever ignore you or do something against you when your completely off your face because they can and you probably won't remember it in the morning?
  • 13
    have your friends ever slept with your ex or your current bf/gf? or have they ever tried to take your bf/gf under your nose?
  • 14
    do your friends tell you there secrets?
  • 15
    do you ever feel like if your friends had the chance they would shoot you?

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