Body Image Quiz

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This quiz will determine how you feel about your body, especially in regards to your gender

  • 1
    What is your gender?
  • 2
    How would you rate your body on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest?
  • 3
    How often do you look in the mirror and say "Wow, I look good"?

  • 4
    If you had a list of all the things you would want to change about your body, how long would that list be?
  • 5
    How do you think others look at you?
  • 6
    How did your family present themselves as feeling about their body?

  • 7
    Who do you wish you could look like?
  • 8
    Do you exercise, and if so, why?
  • 9
    How often do you talk about you or your friend's weight with your friends?
  • 10
    If you lost 10 pounds right now...

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46 days ago
I’m 14, female and around 35kg (77 lbs) and I’m COMPLETELY flat, front and back, and I find it annoying when people say they are too, when they’ve developed AGES ago! I literally look like a boy, no joke. I’ve not got an eating disorder but I skip meals sometimes, not very often. Just to let y’all know, y’all are amazing and beautiful, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! ❤️
55 days ago
im 14 am 5'3 weigh 140lbs and hate my body and I just feel like if I lost like 20lbs I would look perfect but all of my friends are skinny and they call themselves fat and if they're fat then I must be a freaking mammoth I work out and eat in a calorie deficit but I haven't lost anymore weight and am really upset about it
102 days ago
I like my body for the most part but I just started exercising to lose a few pound. Im 14, 5'3, and 106 lbs currently but I wanna six pack lol
146 days ago
You are a product of much of society: insecure, self-conscious and somewhat self judging. You feel uncomfortable with your body some of the time, while other times you feel pretty good. But you never quite get to the point of feeling completely confident, all the time

I’m eleven, 5’1, weigh 112 lbs, and absolutely hate my body.
156 days ago
I like my body for the most part. The problem is I weigh 136 pounds, my stomach’s kinda big and my butt is flat. I think if I lost around 10-15 lbs I’ll be perfect but 5 lbs would be okay too.
245 days ago
my weight is perfect, slim with curves so if I lost 10 pounds, I would be underweight.
265 days ago
Like idk if I'm normal and Idk if this helped or not... I'm not liking my body, and I don't know what is and isn't normal. I mean I really hate my body too... It always lets me down and looks so weird,
265 days ago
I'm only 14, and I hate my body, my whole body, my head down to my toes. Eeverything and everywhere, I kind of wanna go to a professional doctor to make sure in not 💗 up.
269 days ago
I've been there. Most of us have. It takes 14 days straight to start a habit. Just be consistent. I don't want to sound douchy, but its diet and exercise. Diet meaning, not dieting but food intake, and exercise meaning physical activity. Your doing something wrong if your overweight, but go to just to make sure. The number on the scale is accurate, however you may be just tall, and so thats the weight, try and find 'my healthy weight caluclator' and then figure that out first. If you ARE overweight, you either have an eating disorder, (yes, trust me, ive researched it, over eating and binge eating are eating disoirders), or your eating the right foods, theres just little to no physical activity in your day to day life. Or maybe its both, and those habits have you on the track for long-term health issues and obesity. First of all, diet is easy, you can have carbs and sweets, just eat moderate amounts of them. Moderation is the hard part in any diet, you have to be more consious about what you put in your body. Limit deserts to once a week, or better yet, once a month, Proteins and vegetables/fruits are good! Try coming up with meals with a good amount of proteins, a ton of vegetables/fruits, a moderate amount of carbs (because they are still an essential part of your health), and some dairy, (im lactose free, and incase you don't know, there are lactose alternatives). No binge eating either. Your not actually hungery, your just thirsty. Limit meals, tailor to your convinicence tho, two meals a day, however pack a ton of good foods into each of them. I hate when people call this fasting though, because people, up until the 50's still had two meals a day, one in the morning from 6-7, and then one later at night, from 6-7. And then they got a good nights sleep. The average person should also consume about 8 grams of sugar max a day. Limit all sugar intake because you get that sugar in foods your eating already. And kick salt. Salt = waterweight (i think). Lifesum is a great app to bring to your attention how many calories you eat in a day. If your on the fence about where your problem lies, either with diet, or with exercise, try going through a normal day of yours, and then at the end of the day, track, to the exact calorie, how many calories you consumed, its truly eye opening. If your problem is exercising, take up TOO many sports, but if your family doesn't have the money, for weightloss, you need about an hour of physical activity a day. So after every meal, take a walk, or go running. Running for 30 min a day, consistently, WILL get you results. Also built up to that 30 min. If you go from sedentary to running 30 min a day, thats also scary, so go five more min a week, one week, practice running for 5 min, which is still uber hard, next week, try 10 minuets a day, and so on and so forth. DM me if you need more help bc im here to give it. I will ask u some questions but were going to help you, because I wouldn't wish what ive gone through my worst enimy. LOVE URSELF!
396 days ago
"One day she decided it was time to change. She was sick and tired. Sick and tired of letting fear have the reins, of always asking other people's opinions to give her self-assurance, and of being swayed by what the world said she should look like. She realized that all of it was pointless: boys weren't going to contribute to her well-being, if she really thought she was fat she'd diet rather than starving herself, and no stranger on the internet could tell her who she was. So she opened her heart to love. And it was so easy, so simple, she wondered why she hadn't done it years before. She could love the faint-hearted, the sufferers, and she could love this early who had been through what she had. She learned of a gift she never knew she possessed: her heart was full of kindnesss and she could touch other hearts and leave a permanent mark. She felt beautiful, and not because of a guy, or skin-tight clothing, or a slim figure, but because she finally accepted that outward beauty dies, and only something truly beautiful is remembered. So she lived, and she loved, and she found that she was something breathtaking and wild, and life can be liberizing and beautiful if you let go of what's holding you down and open your heart to love."
I found this somewhere. Guys, please don’t take offense, just when it says girl just switch it in your head to boy.
553 days ago
Body Image Quiz

You are a confident person, but you have your doubts. For the most part, you see yourself as attractive--sometimes even more attractive than most people. You are close to the body image nirvana, but something is holding you back. Nevertheless, you've done a good job.

I'd wish that all humans could look like Anime. Just have to swap out the head for a Anime head, then we're all set and good!
629 days ago
I’m a muslim girl in malaysia. Our religion tells us that we must love our body for it is not ours it is Allah’s but society says if you dont then ur ugly. My society now is just completely insane. We muslim girls are supposed to cover our body but most people dont care. They say if you wear your tudung ling enough till you hide your 💗means your fat, but my religion says its good. Idk why but i wish i liked my body a little more.
741 days ago
i don't why we have to do these, unless you hate yourself (which i don't)
785 days ago
((fuchsia)I'm happy with how I am and I don't need anything to change
812 days ago
I'm 11 and 110 pounds in car and if I lost ten pounds i probably have a 2 pack of a 4 pack
819 days ago
If I lost 10 pounds I would have an eight pack no joke
887 days ago
the answer was the answer i was expecting or probably not expecting now I dont know why im saying this why am i saying this and am i really saying this or am i texting it. I think i am typind
973 days ago
The holocaust comment is incredibly disrespectful and offensive.
1052 days ago
My answer didn't help at all. Just told me what I already know. Ugh not exactly encouraging news either.
1662 days ago
The last question was all like "if you lost 10 pounds..."
I chose that I'd look like a holocoaust survivor, but I actually meant it. I'm terribly underweight.