Is your future baby a boy or a girl?

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    On a Friday night you would.....
    On a Friday night you would.....

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Hayley (37157)
6 days ago
It will be beautiful if we do have twim B & G.As I already have an older Girl and Boy yahoo more helpers 😊
Maddie (71704)
18 days ago
This is true. Well for me. Couse is said ima have twin girls and i do have twins girl right now they are grace and aubrey they are both 5. I love my children💘
Sanaa (99286)
24 days ago
And I really hope this is true like I love my girls hopefully their daddy will be in their life and they’ll be my beautiful girls I’ll be the best mom I can be my girls will stick up for eachother love each other be close to each other just be there for eachother period be strong girls I Love you my future babies
Sanaa (99286)
24 days ago
Omg girl twins how cute but I’m going to have to deal with attitudes which I have periods and more lmfao
Zahria (75491)
24 days ago
Having future girl twin
Sophia Kilmer (67958)
43 days ago
I wanted boy but.....
Juniar (97417)
50 days ago
Having future girl twins, call her Anya the first and Amanda the second
jun (72691)
65 days ago
To see my future baby boy face,how and what a handsome boy into the family
Ryan Mobley (80047)
118 days ago
She wants getting marry and heaving
Baby if you want ti
Sofiana (34571)
123 days ago
OMG i am having twin baby girls! Baby 1 Brooklyn jade and baby 2 Jamie mataline . Hope this is not a dream!
Jasmin (90470)
142 days ago
i'm so happy i'm having twin girls named Camila Martinez and Callie Martinez
Armyah (10451)
146 days ago
Omg I’m having two baby girls wow I will be the best mom ever
Yaneraliz (86965)
147 days ago
I'm having girl twens
Madison (20924)
148 days ago
I going to have a B&G this going to be a hand full but I going to love them anyway
Tay (03632)
156 days ago
I’m having b/g twins .. how great 😂
Jhered M (66259)
176 days ago
I’m having girl twins how nice lol
Amelia L (58512)
200 days ago
I'm having twin girls yeeeey
Liv (98580)
211 days ago
I got Twin Girl baby 1 :Brianna Rose
Baby 2: Bella Kaylee
Keri (97837)
227 days ago
I am having twins which are a boy and a girl.the boy name is between Kristian and Kingston and the girl name is between karmen and kamryn. Their last name will be Hart like mines not after their daddy.I hope this is true and I can wait till the future.
Lil girl (94865)
228 days ago
I got twin girlsyea!!