What Type Of Boy Are You?

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As a girl who's closely observed boys since, like, forever, I've come to the conclusion there are five main types of boy: musical, obnoxious, nice, wannabe and nerd. Which one are you?

  • 1
    What music do you like?
  • 2
    Your ultimate girl?
  • 3
    What are you doing?
    What are you doing?
  • 4
    Your place in your class?
  • 5
    What's your favorite color?
  • 6
    What song best describes your personality?
  • 7
    Your ideal job?
  • 8
    What do you think of McDonald's?
  • 9
    Favorite movie [out of these]?
  • 10
    Your favorite saying?

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58 days ago
What Type Of Boy Are You?

For 50% you are: You're a Pokemon-obsessed nerd. I hate to break it to you... IT'S ONLY A GAME. Yes, I said it. Wait, don't cry. I didn't think you'd cry! Oh, for goodness' sake!
5% of 42999 quiz participants had this profile! Profile A

You could also get this result:
For 30% you are: You're a nice boy. Ahh! Everyone loves you - you're practically a saint in your own right. Why don't you ask her out....yes, the weird girl who follows you everywhere. Profile B

Or even this one:
For 20% you are: You're a music boy! OK, so you're probably a Goth....Goths are cool! Rock on! But quit with the whole suicide thing. Everyone knows you don't mean it, even the emo kids. Profile C

Or even this one:
For 0% you are: You're an obnoxious boy. P.S., it's not funny to torment weird girls. You're a total *BLEEP*! What, you don't know what's been bleeped? Sure you do - you've been called every name in the book. Profile D

Or even this one:
For 0% you are: You're a wannabe. Get a life, a personality, and stop obsessing over your friends! They won't be there once you graduate and then you'll have to get a personality. Might as well start preparing now. Profile E

Hmm... Emo is a musical genre.

Emo: Emo /ˈiːmoʊ/ is a rock music genre characterized by an emphasis on emotional expression, sometimes through confessional lyrics.

Suicidal thoughts
Also called: Suicidal ideation: Thinking about or planning suicide.

Different things.
103 days ago
im class freak...but every were i go im know of a ''girl metal detected'' cause im small and cute
109 days ago
i got 70% both kid thing then 10% on everything else but got nothing on pokemonI’m a girl and took this quiz
127 days ago
they werent many options it was not me
127 days ago
167 days ago
I’m a girl (duh) but I took this quiz pretending to be inside my guy friend’s/crush’s mind and it’s pretty scarily accurate:
“You're a nice boy. Ahh! Everyone loves you - you're practically a saint in your own right. Why don't you ask her out....yes, the weird girl who follows you everywhere.”
I’m that weird girl. And he says he likes me...
Like I said, scarily accurate. 😱
178 days ago
I got a
Nice boy and Everyone loves you.
214 days ago
326 days ago
354 days ago
374 days ago
💗. Was. That. What's with the stereo types, dude. All of them are stupid and the nice guy is boring. Show some FACETS, some interesting types.
409 days ago
415 days ago
Enter here your formatted opooooooooo[i'kkkkkkkkkkkkkoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop text I am Profile A!
440 days ago
No offence but why do girls answer a boy's quiz
457 days ago
Brad Perry is a fat nonce and lives in a caravan
457 days ago
Ya ma's ya da. Big up the mandem from Cameroon. Wakanda Forever. Ya nan is adopted. YOU are all dirty virgins
515 days ago
I got nice boy. And they were right about a weird girl following me.
517 days ago
You can tell this test was not made by a male.
522 days ago
this thing is totally not accurate haha i mean i know it is a test but still i am not gothic lol
571 days ago
I got mucisionn with is really accurate because i play guitar and love Nirvana so