How EVIL are you!

Developed by: Michael

This test will see how evil, mean, bad, and caring you really are! Be serious about these questions, it isn't a FUN QUIZ.

  • 1/10
    If you saw a hurt squirrel in the middle of the street and a car was about 10 meters away but you were right on the sidewalk looking at it, what would you do?

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Tirdad (83330)
53 days ago
Well, it's not like you are perfect, you're just............good.
from the movie twilght saga the guy who trans (02183)
82 days ago
im gonna go transform to my wolf form i gonna be a blast BYE!!
from the movie twilght saga the guy who trans (02183)
82 days ago
the 2/10 they said your mom was in the shower and she didnt see you that a impropiate question i never do that to my mom if i had a mom
brittany (22323)
130 days ago
this quiz is so dumb! like I didn't want to go on just because the questions make me gag
Nightmare (95112)
135 days ago
I am evil as 💗. It said that I would be rewarded by Satan himself.
ella estrelita marina (68296)
139 days ago
well im evil but blacks smell worse
Silver (98327)
145 days ago
I guess my friend was right I am evil
Anonymous (55573)
156 days ago
Your ambiguous result is pure evil
Santan (23242)
195 days ago
You will all die, along with the other mortals, Us immortals will rule, and slay you all. Be weary, and say your final words.