Moral Dilemmas-What's Right in This Situation?

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We all like to think we would do the right thing in a tough situation. The following are all tough, where would your moral compass point in these situations? This test is pointed towards women, but men could take it with a little imagination.

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    You have been stranded on a desert island with no hope of rescue. Stranded with you is an attractive member of the opposite sex, not your spouse. How long would it be before you gave in to your urges and made love with them rather than face years of no sex life?

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Shocked Participant (69371)
133 days ago
Um... why are they all about sex?
I thought it was gonna be about: would you kill or something.
I don’t know anyone that would sleep with a stranger.
Lucy "wodge" parry (98220)
194 days ago
i Rate this quiz 10/10 tbh ngl. But at the end of the day I'm not doing it again. not for no-one.
Callum Elley (98220)
194 days ago
Have you guys seen my tattoo?
Callum Elley (98220)
194 days ago
I would sleep with that admissions tutor in a second!!!
Callum Elley (98220)
194 days ago
I wanna die xxxxxxxxx
Noneofyourbuissnes (25747)
931 days ago
I don't have a spouse so this isn't a moral dilemma.
Disappointed (31845)
986 days ago
This is a really, really poorly put together 'moral dilemma' questionnaire. Not well considered at all.
It only leaves me wondering how the author thinks.... looks a little like a little boy playing fantasy world to me!