the very obvious gay test

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the test will tell u if your gay, bi or straight. This test is very obvious just to let u know.

  • 1
    which of these websites names look most appealing to you?
  • 2
    i have kissed a:
  • 3
    would u ever have sex with a boy?

  • 4
    which one do u think u are
  • 5
    have u ever had a girlfriend
  • 6
    how would u respond if i said, stop staring at that girl

  • 7
    if you saw a porn video [just pretending you would] then what would you look for
  • 8
    what's your favourite colour
  • 9
    which band do you prefer
  • 10

  • 11
    r u gay straight or straight gay
  • 12
    finally the last question. If i had 2 thingys what would they be

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154 days ago
gay steak gay
467 days ago
I'm bi.

and it says im bi...
1999 days ago
There is only one answer