how strange are you?

find out how strange you are

  • 1
    if a llama is carrying a hobo, what color are it's eyes?
  • 2
    if susan id bald, what does a mutated gerbil look like in march?
  • 3
    do you consider yourself strange?
  • 4
    what is the color of a 'fro when it is on an evil alien snake and a guy named bob is farting on england.
  • 5
    what are you most likely to say?
  • 6
    what does it mean if it was raining puding and trees in winter 3 summers ago?
  • 7
    why are you still taking this test?
  • 8
    what is the first thing that comes to your mind when i say "evil chickens are attaking yugoslavia in a kitten costume with bloody teeth"?
  • 9
    do you think i am crazy?
  • 10
    are you glad tht this is the last question?

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