Pyshic Test

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Want to see if your psychic? well take this test. im a pyschic myself. This quiz will determin if you have got the power or not!

  • 1
    Telekinesis is when you can...?
  • 2
    Charm is when you can...?
  • 3
    The Best Way To Move A Small Object Is By Moving It With...?

  • 4
    do u think u are psychic?
  • 5
    do you think this quiz will really determine you are psychic?
  • 6
    do you practise powers twice a day?

  • 7
    what do u think psychic is?
  • 8 i write this quiestion im think of a number between 1-5...witch one?
  • 9
    How would you use powers if you have any?
  • 10
    do u believe im psychic?

  • 11
    Have you ever had an outer body expeiriance?
  • 12
    if you could read peoples minds...what for?
  • 13
    How Do u get psychic powers?
  • 14
    do u think u would harm some1 with ur powers?
  • 15
    what am i thinking as i write this?
  • 16
    what would you rather be?

  • 17
    if u could be an animal wat would it be?
  • 18
    name my sister
  • 19
    name my bro
  • 20 old am i? (when i wrote this quiz)

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