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Do you quote The OC? How well do you think you know their words?

  • 1
    Starting off small, who says this?
    I was like a fish flopping around on dry land. I was like Nemo and I just wanted to go home
  • 2
    "This town's only big enough for one manipulative bitch."
  • 3
    What two characters have this conversation?
    "I am positive that I'm leaving this place with a rash."
    "So, you're planning on making some extra money tonight?"

  • 4
    "I know I should apologize. It's just my pride."
    "What pride?"
    "Yeah, I guess there's nothing standing in my way"
    Who have this conversation?
  • 5
    "My oasis is being violated. My happy place is very unhappy right now."
  • 6
    "Who are You?"
    "Who ever you want me to be."

  • 7
    "So you and Summer seemed pretty chummy yesterday."
    "Dad, chummy?"
    "It's okay. You can tell me."
    "No, really, I can't. "
    "If you can't tell your dad, who can you tell?"
    "Gee, I don't know, ugh Ryan... Mom... that tree over there."
  • 8
    "Wait. Are you the kid from Chino who steals cars and sets people's houses on fire?"
    "So you're saying I'm making my debut into society with Newport's most wanted?"
    "Is that going to be a problem?
    "I can't wait!"
  • 9
    "One girl, two brothers. It's all a little 'Legends of the Fall."
  • 10
    "Sick? Too sick to take you to prom? Well he better be really sick, like dead, because if he’s not I’m gonna strangle him with his own wife beater."

  • 11
    "I think Captain Oats would be very proud... or deeply disturbed by this visual."
  • 12
    "Have you looked out the window, it’s like the opening sequence from 'Day After Tomorrow'?"
  • 13
    "Should I force a confrontation or do I continue to be whiny and passive aggressive until she realises what a catch I am?"
  • 14
    "Nothing good happens at our parties, have you noticed that?"
  • 15
    "You didn't stop talking!"
    "I get chatty when I'm terrified."
  • 16
    "Sarcasm is like breathing for you."

  • 17
    "I'm a prisoner in my own life."
  • 18
    "This is an unholy alliance. This is two storm fronts colliding. This is the apocalypse for us all... there is nothing good about what's happened here. I mean, this marriage is an astroid that has hit the earth. Now we just have to wait to see what species survives."
  • 19
    “You’re taking all that? You only own, like, a wifebeater and two hoodies.”
  • 20
    "What I lack in nunchucks I make up for in sabre."

  • 21
    "What do you guys talk about?"
    "Me. It's our common interest."
  • 22
    "Can you imagine me on the East Coast? I'd be like one of those animals that they rip from their natural habitat and put in a zoo. My fur would get all mangy. I'd throw dung at people...."
  • 23
    "Wake up, I'm a water polo player. We're never nice guys."
  • 24
    "Where I come from, having a dream doesn't make you smart. Knowing it won't come true ... that does."
  • 25
    "So I'm just complaining because I have nothing to complain about."
  • 26
    "Thank you, Ryan. I realize it wasn't easy to string so many words together."

  • 27
    "You gonna throw the bedroom furniture in the pool now?"
  • 28
    "Seth doesn't understand the whole 'hard-to-get' strategy."
    "That's because he's not."
  • 29
    "All her friends want to kick her ass. Sorry about the language."
    "Why? I want to kick her ass."
  • 30
    "That letter is like 'The Ring', anyone who reads it dies."

  • 31
    "That's what Ryan does. He punches people. He doesn't talk to them."
  • 32
    "We'll just go back to being friends."
    "When were you ever friends?"
  • 33
    "Dinner's ready, slaved over hot takeout containers."
  • 34
    "She's not a coward. She fought for you, fearlessly, ruthlessly even."
  • 35
    "You're so cheesy Cohen."
    "Come on, I'm sweeping you off your feet."
    "The sad part is you kind of are."
  • 36
    "What will I do without your wisdom?"
    "Confidence, Cohen."
  • 37
    "I can't acknowledge you privately if you can't acknowledge me publicly... until then consider me on strike."
  • 38
    "I'm not that dumb! Just shallow."
  • 39
    "Marissa smacked the hell out of him."
    "I guess she's been hanging out with you too much."
  • 40
    "Your breath smells like Marissa, you are so drunk!"
  • 41
    "I was being sarcastic."
    "So was I."
    "Which we never were before Cohen showed up and introduced us to irony. Jackass."
  • 42
    "I didn't know they had musicals in Chino. I didn't even know they had dancing or laughter."
  • 43
    "Nothing like Julie Cooper to put fear into the hearts of children."
  • 44
    "I never won a fight until I got to Newport."
  • 45
    "Unlike Zack who's anxiety free, with his big smile, and natural athleticism. That guy makes me feel very Jewish."
  • 46
    "Never underestimate a parents' ability to mortify their child."
  • 47
    "I can't believe I caused a girl to leave the state... the county, maybe, sure"
  • 48
    “We can’t give into threats like that. We don’t negotiate with the Newpsies.”
  • 49
    “You will not believe this, but it turns out I am totally smart."
  • 50
    "A triangle's not a friendly shape ... it's a point, it has sharp edges ... triangles hurt people"
  • 51
    "Do you want to play Grand Theft Auto? It’s pretty cool. You can like, steal cars and … Not that that’s cool. Or uncool. I don’t know "
  • 52
    "Do you see this hammer in my hand?"
    "Yeah, let me find that stud ... finder. What's it look like?"
    "And a level. "
    "What is a level? "
    "Don't you know what a level is? "
    "Yeah, it's something you advance to in a video game."
    "That's funny ... yeah. The tool doesn't know about tools."
  • 53
    "You realize we're both screwed."
    "Dude, I'm wearing a wife beater."
  • 54
    "Honey, it's the gruesome twosome, what do you expect? It's the shock and awe approach to courtship."
  • 55
    "He's like a thoroughbred and I'm a monkey with symbols."
  • 56
    "Plan A. I fake my own death. You never want to underestimate the power of the sympathy vote."
  • 57
    " Zach's turning the locker room into a Lifetime movie"
  • 58
    "Sorry, I didn't mean to be a bitch."
    "Apples and trees, you are my daughter."
  • 59
    "You're beginning to sound like Seth."
    "Yeah, well, it rubs off."
  • 60
    "The appetizer is as good as the main course. "
    "Swallowing a little throw up."
  • 61
    "You see, all the TV shows I watch, all these women have voiceovers. They even gave one to April on The Valley. Now where most of these voiceovers don’t make much sense, they do make your life seem more dramatic and meaningful."
  • 62
    "What are we fighting about?"
    "I don't know, but it's serious!"
  • 63
    "Are you kidding? The man bailed us out and took Julie off my hands -- I'll buy him his first lap dance. Hell, I'll give him one myself."
  • 64
    "Nothing like a good crack about being a plumber."
    "Plumber. Crack. Funny."
  • 65
    "You're Jewish?"
    "Yes. That's why I feel so comfortable in this desert heat."
  • 66
    "The only thing that would make me feel
    better is seeing that assless, gutless wuss
    skinned and flayed and served as assless, gutless wuss tartare."
  • 67
    "Words are kinda not my thing"
  • 68
    "It's great that you hung in there after all the foreplay."
    "Fore what now? "
  • 69
    "Believe me if there was something I could do, I would."
    "Oh, well, I think you've done enough."
    " What does that mean? "
    "I just don't even think Ryan would be back with Theresa if it wasn't for you and Oliver in the first place. Really, all you ever did, was drag that kid into your messed up life."
  • 70
    "If you're alone, cough twice."
    "I'm alone. "
  • 71
    "Just because I'm not talking to you doesn't mean you're allowed out of my sight."
  • 72
    "Truth is, being CEO is a bitch."
    " Hmm. You'd think you'd be a natural."
  • 73
    "The more time i spend with Zach, the less times i think about ... God, what's his face? Built like a bean pole, curly hair, runs away like a little bitch on his sailboat, leaving nothing but a note for his girlfriend who cried over and over for him until the Fourth of July until she decides she doesn't cry over bitches on sailboats."
  • 74
    "Making my inventories is one of those things, like masturbating or flossing my teeth, that even though you know I do it, I’d rather not have you witness it."
  • 75
    "I have to say, women’s underwear has gotten very complicated… thong, bikini, brief… who knew panties were such a minefield? "
  • 76
    "80 is the new 70."
    "What? Who talks like that? "
    "Who gets passed by a van full of nuns? Oh, wait.. Cohen does. "
    "Well, they have God on their side, Summer. I'm not gonna beat Jesus."
  • 77
    "Mom, I'm not feeling well today, I don't think I can go to school."
    "Maybe you've got the SUMMERflu. Maybe you need some ANNAbiotics."
  • 78
    "Dude, what do we do? I don't want to get thrown out of the hotel. I love the hotel. I want to marry the hotel and have little alcoholic, gambling-addicted kids with it. Is that wrong?"
  • 79
    "Was I really mean to you?"
    "No, Summer ... to be mean you would have had to speak to me."
  • 80
    "Since the minute you were born I knew I would never take another easy breath without knowing that you were all right."
    "So I'm like asthma?"
  • 81
    "Cohen, you are in a deceit spiral, and if you don’t stop now, you could turn into one of those creepy old men who have secret attics where they hide stolen money and porn"
  • 82
    "Ohh ... I've missed you. It's been too long."
    "You're talking to a boat, Seth."
    "Yeah, I talk to a plastic horse, too, but that never worries anyone."
  • 83
    "Three letter word for hilarious: Dad. Write that one down."
  • 84
    "Now why would you asume I know how to pick a lock?"
  • 85
    "If I wanted my parade rained on, I'd go outside"
  • 86
    "You know what I like about rich kids? Nothing!"
  • 87
    "You know something, don’t you?"
    "No. No, I don’t. Don’t ask me."
    "Dude, I’m a man in a desert, I am dying of thirst and you have a Thermos full of Kool-aid, come on, give me a sip!"
  • 88
    "Summer was over pot by the 10th grade. She thinks it’s totally juvenile. It’d be like telling her I’m into Beanie Babies."
  • 89
    "Yeah, let's make it a three-way ... what? That came out weird."
  • 90
    "It's amazing, his lips don't even move."
  • 91
    "She's just Captain Oats' type."
    "Tell him to keep his hooves off. "
  • 92
    "We have my mom's Range Rover, we have the perfect alibi, as I go to this comic book convention every year, and we have my entire life of never doing anything wrong, which lulls my parents into a false sense of trust."
    "And you want to throw all that way for Summer in a wet t-shirt doing body shots? I'm sorry, I thought that was a rhetorical question. Yes, Ryan, yes."
  • 93
    "Can't you like, be a gentleman or something?"
    "Chivalry's dead sugar."
  • 94
    "I get it. I'm just here for the comic relief."
  • 95
    "You guys are like brother and sister! You could like totally be related."
  • 96
    "You guys this is gonna be so much fun though! It’s like we have a backstage the mall!"
  • 97
    "Live in the now Seth"
  • 98
    "Youre kinda creeping me out."
    "I am okay with that"
  • 99
    "I love you."
    "Thank you"
  • 100
    "Hell, no. You remember the meat loaf incident of '98?"
    "That was brisket."
    "Yeah, that's my point exactly."

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