Does SHE like YOU back?

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You've taken a few of these "Does she like you?" quizzes. What do they all say? Nothing the same. One quiz says that she isn't interested and another quiz says that she is totally in love with you. This quiz is different. I'm a guy who has a lot of friends that are girls, I have four sisters, and thirteen girl cousins. Trust me, I would know. There are 25 questions. Answer honestly to get a more accurate answer.

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    Has she ever offered you anything?

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I dunno (41299)
2 days ago
There is this girl I like but only like 2 weeks ago me and another girl who liked each other and I made a mistake and she got mad and I’m not sure if she likes me still but I don’t wAnt to move on to quick coz that’s being a player I guess this other girl does like me tho😻🤗 she told my friend
Parzival (86547)
7 days ago
One girl I don't know calls me Maddie's boyfriend even though it's not true I love you Madeline
Call191forPizza (93658)
7 days ago
As i thought we are really good friends who like love each other as a friend and stands up for each other
Hugh Mungus (46457)
13 days ago
I thought I was a little bit "obsessed" with the girl I liked then I read what some other people wrote
Re: Help Me!!!! (65992)
16 days ago
Hi there! All of these are great indicators that he may like you. When someone has a crush they tend to make an effort to be around the person they like. Good luck!
Help me!!!! (64867)
16 days ago
Yes I’m a girl but I figured since you guys are all guys you can help me figure out if this guy likes me. So basically he keeps walking with me in the hall and he always makes me laugh and he always tries to hang out with me. Do any of these signs mean he likes me?? Also apparently one of my friends told me that he keeps saying that I’m pretty and stuff. Please Help!!!!
A girl (73211)
18 days ago
Holy jeebus I have a huge crush on my best but I knew before this that she probs doesn't like me back ;-;
Ezekiel (81190)
19 days ago
PHUCK ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow (77614)
22 days ago
This seems true
a friend zoned boy (28887)
31 days ago
this is accurate my crush doesnt talk 2 me much now only 10% of her time now she gets moody and sometimes pissed off when i come over 2 her!!
Biromantic Lady (42422)
32 days ago
mood* Sorry I suck at spelling.
Biromantic Lady (42422)
32 days ago
I'm a girl and I took this. I think I'm in love with my best friend. By the way, not in the wood for hate.
a 5th grader girl (41306)
32 days ago
LOL, I was seeing if my crush could tell I like him...WeLp TiMe TO Go JuMp iN a tRasH CaN!
uhhh (64061)
35 days ago
i dont think this is accurate
Steven Universe (04202)
35 days ago
Great! I'll finally know if Connie likes me or not! ❤️ I love you Connie!
Mike (54484)
38 days ago
#a girl I like this girl she’s always staring at me with a straight face but recently she’s been smiling and staring at me and I don’t even know her name she doesn’t look away
James (19169)
39 days ago
do you know whats strange? that we can just reply to other comments. Hmmmmm.....
Help (48697)
40 days ago
Hi hellr I’ve been there 100 % btw I’m a boy but I used to talk to her kinda #IMBARSSING so what you should do is probably try act normal and DO NOT FREAK OUT OR TALK INAPPROPRIATELY THAT WILL MAKE IT WORSE unless he’s dirty minded just talk about stuff and btw get Instagram if he has it and follow him on it and talk
I have a feeling it might work
Hellr (50739)
40 days ago
So im a girl and this dude in my class likes me andi play around with some of the boys and he is like pretty cute and he shook my hand and like we were just standing there touching hands it was like wierd so anyone help
noluvnolife (97962)
40 days ago
i think the girl im testing for does like me but she mentions to me that shes lesbian and gets enthusiastic about it and im over here trying not to die of pain. trying not to sound like a dik cause i fell for a lesbian before she was a lesbian and we have been friends for 4 long years. i got she likes me tho and had to skip some questions