Does SHE like YOU back?

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You've taken a few of these "Does she like you?" quizzes. What do they all say? Nothing the same. One quiz says she isn't interested and another quiz says she's totally in love with you. This quiz is different. I'm a guy who has a lot of friends who are girls. I have four sisters and 13 girl cousins. Trust me, I would know. There are 25 questions. Answer honestly to get the most accurate answer.

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    Has she ever offered you anything?

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11 days ago
BiGurl: If you are checking back in, answer these questions first to the best of your ability;

-First of all, does she like you?
-What are your parents' political views (Conservative, Liberal, etc.)?

Those questions are based on if you should 'come out' your parents or not. There are other factors that may influence you to come out or not to. You may want to come out if you feel like you want your communities, friends, and family to accept your new identity or to be open about it.
But you might not want to. You may feel it's not the right time to tell others about your sexual orientation. You may feel like you would be rejected by your friends and family, or experience biphobia.

Anyway's, it's up to you. I am open to any other questions.
12 days ago
I like a girl who is one of my besties. She has a religion where they don’t like bi or gay people. What should I do? Also nobody knows I’m bi. Should I tell my parents? HELP!
13 days ago
Hello peoples for the last time sadly ;-;. I am back with another update. I got the courage and I DID IT. I was really scared. I made her laugh and got her in a really good mood so I could increase my chances. And I finally asked but then I goofed up and forgot my line. So I said “Whoops sorry, I forgot what I was going to say.” Since she also has a sense of humor she said “That’s ok, I forgot the answer.” It was funny so we both laughed. Luckily at that moment life was supporting me and I remembered so I actually said it how it went: “So Anna tell me, I said there a relationship between um, numbers one and six if well one is me and six is” It was awkward. her face was neutral but then it lit up and she said calmly “Yes, there is.” I am so happy. Sadly this is the last time I’ll be posting but I hope you guys are all having a great day and perhaps a great life. I sure am :). Cya.
15 days ago
Hello again peoples.Thanks Fcts n Exp for your feed back and thoughts on that.I appreciate it,I had also asked my friends for their thoughts on the idea.I actually have the whole table I sit at knowing the idea so it doesn’t come as a shock to them. Since my friends think this is a good idea and so does my “friend” Fcts n Exp, I am going to do it tomorrow. Wish me luck!
15 days ago
MiaIsTrying: What do you plan to do if he doesn't like you? I need an answer to help you.

Anonymous: I would say that would be a nice one-liner to say to ask someone out. Just pick the right moment to do that.

I am open to any other questions. Please give me at least a day or two to check the comments.
16 days ago
I meant be not Ben (lol)
16 days ago
Hello peoples.I have a crush on this girl named Anna and she’s really nice (well according to me).I have known her for a pretty long time now and I wasn’t sure if she liked me back.She always laughs at my jokes and is always smiling at me when we make eye contact.The quiz said she liked me back!!So I’m going to Ben very brave and ask her to be my gf/ask her out.She is in my math class and sits right across from me so, what I am planning to do (yes I am actually telling you what I’m planning) is since we are learning angle relationships and blah blah blah, there is always a relationship between some numbers in a diagram or something like that.So basically I’m going to ask her “Is there a relationship between numbers one and six if one is me and six is you?” Hopefully she’ll say yes! Please tell me if you think this is a good idea.My actions are going to be based on you guys.
17 days ago
Sooo I'm a girl. And I have a crush on this 7th grade boy and I'm very sure he does NOT like me. I thought he did at first because when we have this class together called STAAR he was sitting on the computers with his friend Cody and was laughing and Roblox pulled up on the computer. When the bell rang I asked him "Why did Roblox come up on Cody's computer? And his pupil were really big when he answered me and I think he was blushing. Also I accidentally dropped my salad in the cafeteria and had to clean it up, and him and his friend group sit behind my friend group so that was really embarrassing and when I was cleaning it up he was like, "Wow good job." In a sarcastic tone. Then Cody (his friend) helped me clean it up in front of his friends (my crush) and my friends and my friends were shipping me and him and he was Cody was actually OK with this. Then my friends were like, "Aww (my crush) looks so sad." Then my friends told me that (my crush) whispered something to his friend a Hunter, then Hunter whispered something like, "Chill dood it will be fine." Sooo I need help 😬
27 days ago
this test has given me the strength to ask my crush out I am going to do it on Monday!wish me luck 💖💖
27 days ago
Someone..: If you want to tell her you like her, look for signs that she likes you. Eye contact and compliments are a couple of ways to tell if someone likes you.
29 days ago
Someone I reckon you should go up to her ask her out then if she says no say it was a dare
29 days ago
Need some help here. I have 1 day left of school and I like someone but legit have no clue have to tell them without it being awkward because we are already good friends and I don’t want to make it awkward when we talk. I’ve done 3 different tests and they all say she likes me but I’m a little bit skeptical because some of these test don’t work. What should I do? (I also could text her during the summer and tell her then)
32 days ago
Jaxson, it's not weird at all for a girl to be taller than you and you still like her. My crush is shorter than me. My Bff's crush is shorter than her. Girls get their growth spurts before boys do. So if you're worried about being shorter than her don't be. Odds are that you'll catch up!
32 days ago
Wow there just isn't a single boy's tests where no girls have commented. Oh well. I have to say, this test is pretty accurate. I'm a girl and was taking this test from my crush's point of view to see if the test said I liked him and it did! Wow I hope I'm not making it obvious that I like him but my friends kind of do and if it wasn't for him to start talking to me all of a sudden after they hinted at him I would have metaphorically murdered all of my friends for making it obvious I liked him.
33 days ago
I'm in love with a bi who is dating a les right know and I'm afraid I'll tear them apart.
33 days ago
I am taking this as a girl to see what i need to do so my crush thinks i like him. is that weird?
34 days ago
aa;;ssllddkkffjj: For one, if the whole school think you should be together, then perhaps you should be.
If you want to tell them verbally, take it slow. You don't want to scare them away, even if you know for sure you like them. Also, do it alone, where there aren't others to watch you confess or ask them out.

You can also show that you like her, too. Let her know you are interested in her. Show that you are excited to see her every opportunity you get. Stare at them more. Compliment them. Talk to them more over phone and text. Give them all your attention.
34 days ago
Gaby: If you want to stop liking your crush, you must:

-Avoid them, or limit your interactions with him. Unfollow him on social media, delete whatever photos you have of him (If you do), and don't go to places him and his friends go to.
-Distract yourself and do your best not to think of him. Remind yourself why you can't be with him. Think about all of his flaws- that might put you off.
-Ask your friends for help. You can talk to them if you are having a difficult time getting over your crush. Also, ask them not to bring up your crush, as it may prevent you from getting over him.

Try new hobbies and activities, or even meeting new people, whether or not if you will have a platonic or romantic relationship with them. try finding someone else to harmlessly flirt with or to crush on. You will eventually forget about them.
34 days ago
hey @gaby
the best way to get of a crush is to ask him if he likes you. if he does, it would end up perfect, and if he doesn't the heartbreak that follows will normally make some loose their feeling for their crush
best luck
34 days ago
@aa;;ssllddkkffjj how in the world are we supposed to ask a girl we dont know if she likes ou