Does SHE like YOU back?

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You've taken a few of these "Does she like you?" quizzes. What do they all say? Nothing the same. One quiz says she isn't interested and another quiz says she's totally in love with you. This quiz is different. I'm a guy who has a lot of friends who are girls. I have four sisters and 13 girl cousins. Trust me, I would know. There are 25 questions. Answer honestly to get the most accurate answer.

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    Has she ever offered you anything?

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13 days ago
lol taylor me too!😂😂😂 i need advice as well. i’m a girl and need help, and some of you guys are guys so maybe you can help me understand this dude:
sorry it’s suuuuppperrr longgggg:

ok so i need some advice on this guy. we met at a party and i asked him for his phone number. he doesn’t have a phone so he gave me his moms number. so then we called for an hour a few days later. we have a lot in common and i really like him, he emailed me like two to three times a week, and it has been three weeks since i met him. one time he even initiated a call, however, i was doing something important and couldn’t answer and i think that hurt his feelings. he kept texting me the whole time during the event.i apologized and all seemed good. but this third week he hasent emailed me yet or initiated any calls. i called him and he talked to me for about a half an hour. he seemed really happy and nice to me and even helped me with math. his mom told him to get off the phone. his parents are a little protective and sometimes make him hang up on me. but i guess that’s ok. i feel like he really likes me tough. he goes to a different school and still made an effort to talk to me. he said he missed me when i couldn’t talk, and he always tells me to be brave and confident cause he believes in me. it’s just hard not hearing from him for long times. i haven’t heard from him in TWO weeks 😫 does he not like me anymore?i’m not sure if he’s just busy, nervous to initiate phone calls, not allowed to talk, or he has lost interest in me. i need some advice. would asking him out help? he’s getting his own phone soon. should i move on or wait? idk if you could help me than thank you!
14 days ago
I asked and came back on this and she said "yes"
15 days ago
Hey so I'm a girl but I came here for help since u guys know how u act with girls, sorry this is long. So I have assigned seats next to a guy in my art class, we tease eachother alot, and sometimes I put things on his head to flirt, and sometimes when they fall of he put ls it back on and he laughs. And he kept flirting with me like purposely trying to annoy me as a joke 😂 and kept tipping over my water bottle. One of his friends came over and looked at both of us, smirked, then walked away, also some days he talks to me more than his friends. And lastly l, one time, someone I knew from across the room looked at us and raised her eyebrow 😂 and she went heh? HEH? I didn't see, but she told me that he turned red after that. He also said sometimes that I have good artwork, and said I did good on the ELA presentation. Whenever we text I always text first, but he does seem to text right away, so do u think he likes me?
15 days ago
I'm friend-zoned my dudes
16 days ago
It says she does. And I think she do BUT if she don’t our friendship since we where little will be destroyed probably
22 days ago
After 9 questions I think I can say she does not like me by myself 😞
25 days ago
Reese Worley, if you're reading this, I love you. If you see this, tell me your true feelings.
25 days ago
Yes she likes me. I had a crush on her for years
26 days ago
BIG PROBLEM: 2 of my friends like the same girl I do, and they have known I like her for the past year and still try to pursue her. One started liking her around a month after I said I did, and the other started liking her the past month. The 2nd one is my good friend, and he is trying his hardest to move on her. I took her to homecoming, and am pretty sure she likes me, but the 2nd dud keeps on bring up bad stuff about me and its really harming my realtionship with her. For example, today I typed in "pornhub" into his searchbar on his computer as a joke, and the kid hits enter and proceeds to run across the room and tell her that I searched it up and how "mean" I was. I need some advice on how to handle this.
28 days ago
Sam Birtwistle if ur reading this I like you so much. I really hope you like me
38 days ago
can someone help me. There is this cute popular girl and i just changed to high school and i have known her one month and a bit now(she doesnt know me) and i really want her to like me. She is only in one of my classes.Could any of you people whoare experienced help me?
41 days ago
oh gosh it says she likes me >////
53 days ago
If you want a boy to like you act obvious for a little then play hard to get, if they keep trying to talk to you, start talking to your friends, then start talking to him again. Makes him think about you.
59 days ago
I'm sooooo obvious around him! Well, of course I am! He knows I like him because I told him, but I'm SO FRICKING OBVIOUS
64 days ago
Im literally a girl taking this test to see if I'm bei g to obvious around my crush 😂
69 days ago
Also for you do like a girl u should tell her. For some reasons girls start to like guys that like them. That’s what happened to me. I liked a boy I never thought I would have, but I like him because he liked me. TRUST me!
69 days ago
Hey Brandon, who do u like? Btw I’m trying to get a boy to like me and I need advice. Brandon plz answer
70 days ago
And one last thing YES!!!!! IM NOT the only one who texts/(sometimes) says y'all
70 days ago
Sorry I'm bored.
70 days ago
It changes I d I o t into 💗 aye aye aye