Does SHE like YOU back?

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You've taken a few of these "Does she like you?" quizzes. What do they all say? Nothing the same. One quiz says she isn't interested and another quiz says she's totally in love with you. This quiz is different. I'm a guy who has a lot of friends who are girls. I have four sisters and 13 girl cousins. Trust me, I would know. There are 25 questions. Answer honestly to get the most accurate answer.

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    Has she ever offered you anything?

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171 days ago
Did anyone see my super long story show up that I took like 2 hours on hopeing for advice
180 days ago
jhh (38274) Just talk to her, try to be nice. And ALWAYS compliment. As a girl, it feels amazing to get a compliment from a guy and it’s really sweet. When you’ve become good enough friends, go for it hon.
181 days ago
My results were unclear.

We're on the debate team together and we talk often. I'm a year older and I help her out a lot cause she's still learning, and she seems to appreciate it. (She's also REALLY GOOD at it). I like her a lot and we're definitely friends but I don't really know where to go from here.
189 days ago
We met in an art
class an year ago and I have been struck by her ever since. We still attend the art class but now we are in same class in school too(Don't ask me how). So far all I have done is become her friend, but i fear i wouldn't progress further than that stage.
Me: straight-A, artist, jokester, energetic, can manipulate bullies so always out of their list.
A few days ago, after the art class, the person supposed to pick me up was late(my cycle was out for repairing), so she offered me to wait to wait at her home(it was near) and even proposed to give me her number. In some weird moment of chivalry(that i regret now) I rejected both the offers. ;-(
I dont know if this was a hint.
Any help is appreaciated as I
absolutely love her.
190 days ago
Question 9 she is all of those things
194 days ago
hey Coolio
I actually agree with you and think that she likes you. all the staring and bringing up celeb guys and asking subtly about and the texting... I mean it's obvious she likes you so congrats. and believe me she wouldn't text you as much if she didn't like. I know you're probably thinking that if she thought of you as a good friend she would still text you that much but no trust me. not even if you were her bff. so here's my advice:
I'm not sure if she knows so flirt with her and ask her if she likes sb. but don't tell her yet not until you see her in person. idk about her but if if there's a thing that I hate is a guy telling me he likes me via text even if I like him back. just wait till you see her to say so. good luck!! and if you're having trouble figuring her out just ask for advice here and I'll try helping you.
195 days ago
Okay, so I need some help. There’s this girl I REALLY like. I’ve known her for about four years now and we tell each other everything. And for the past year we would be invited to the same parties and we would connect SO much. Um so I moved to a different school and she moved out of state, but we still message each other every single day and we’ve been doing this for MONTHS. Anyway, we was just at the same New Years party and we literally kept staring at each other the ENTIRE time, and it wasn’t one of those blank stares. She would come around me and we’d make jokes with each other and we talked with each other entire time, we’d flirt so much. But she’d also talk about celebrity guys she’d bang, maybe she was trying to make me jealous ? Idk. So it comes time to go to bed and we’re the last ones awake , and I’m at the other side of the room on my phone and I reposition myself and she legit says “I see you over there trying to get a better look at me. “ and then she follows that with a “just kidding” but this was literally out of nowhere, so I just smiled and stayed where I was at and not even five minutes later, I was holding up my phone watching Netflix and she’s just like “ I see you over there taking selfies to send to your girlfriend” and the thing is: I DONT EVEN HAVE A GIRLFRIEND and she was actually jealous. so I flipped my phone around to show her what I was doing , and she was like oh. After that she was listening to my show and asking questions about it. The next morning, she wakes up and we make eye contact a lot, and she made comments about the show we was watching but that was about it, and it was kinda awkward (not going to lie ). She left in such a hurry. Anyway now she’s back in her state, and we’re texting each other now like nothing happened. Should I tell her that I like her? Or do you think she knows ? What do you think my next step should be ? Thanks, any help is appreciated.
195 days ago
I'm sorry but to all the people saying there is nothing to loose you should tell her. WELL that could brake up your friend ship so yeah if yah want to brake up your friendship be my guest..
206 days ago
does this... Colour thing work?
206 days ago
this is kinda offensive bc Im pan but most quizzes only have examples for boys
210 days ago
Okay this is coming from a girl. I have no dating experience, but there is this boy who sits next to me in class, and it is evident he likes me. Every day after that class I seem to like him a bit more, because he talks to me, and teases me. He is also very nice and has helped me out with school work. I don’t like having crushes and it is very hard for someone to get me to like them. My advice to the boys out there: talk to the girl you like. Make an inside joke with her, or try to get her to laugh. If you have an experience you share together, the more likely it is you will bond with her. Even try sitting with her at lunch. Even though it may seem like she only likes you as a friend, there is a good chance she just can’t get you off of her mind!
211 days ago
I'm doing this as a girl, because I'm trying to act as if my crush was taking it for me. Decent results. Not too bad.
213 days ago
that doesn't really help
214 days ago
yall, from a girl, just tell her u like her, if she doesnt she’ll most likely be fine with it and dont worry, YOU WONT MAKE IT AWKWARD BETWEEN THE TWO OF U
214 days ago
I have no idea if she likes me. We talk around three times a week, and never for more than 5 minutes.
215 days ago
Just ask her politely, Reeeeeeee
216 days ago
Okay so she said once she liked me but idk if it was a joke or true and I don’t know what to do ghhh
217 days ago
Cody if what you say is true then you legit have THE GREATEST LOVE STORY EVER. But listen 2 the advisory, do NOT be afeard to get an adult (preferable a big tough one)
218 days ago
OK I am continuing just making sure it works before I talk too much:) But yeah I noticed she ignores me when her parents are around... coincidence? She actually flirted with me once by pushing me on the shoulder, but I havn't like flirted or winked or anything like that. We text ALL the time, I mean whenever we're free. She responds back immediately if shes not busy. I have not revealed my feelings to her lest I scare her off. But I do want to ask her out maybe in a year or 2 (I am 14, shes 9 months older, but I am a grade ahead) I would bring up like a movie or baseball game or something casually, would this be a good idea, not like a romantic dinner? We text about like music or movies like Star Wars we like, we actually have alot in common! Any body know like subtle ways to test her so that she accidentally reveals if she likes me without her knowing?
218 days ago
Ok so this is a girl I've known for several years, I am SUPER in love w/ her, she has shown several weird signs but we might be just friends. She lives far away and I rarely see her. Our families know eachother and I am cool with her parents. It seems she completely ignores my existence sometimes,