Do You Accept Responsibility?

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Are you able to accept responsibility or do you try to find scape goats?

  • 1
    You come home after being out at night. Your parents told you if you get drunk one more time, they are going to cancel your cell phone. They find out you disobeyed them. How do you respond?
  • 2
    Your best friend found out that you stole her favorite Britney CD. She is very upset when she found out that you were using it as a frisbee. What do you have to say for your defence?
  • 3
    You sass your teacher at school. The teacher. Mr. Snoots calls you on it. What do you say?

  • 4
    Your little sister is watching Barney, but you want to watch Spongebob Square Pants. She is only 3, so you walk in and change the channel. Next thing she is whining to mommy about what you did. Mom comes in and interrogates you. Now what?
  • 5
    Phew! You just let a really nasty fart while watching TV with your friends. They notice you did it and now you have to respond.
  • 6
    You didn't do your assignment. Your teacher wants to know why. Your assignment was to do research on the benefits of Q-tips. What are you going to tell her?

  • 7
    Uh oh the toilet is clogged. You were the last one in there, but what do you say when your dad walks in to the bathroom to take a leak?
  • 8
    You secretly LOVE Ronald McDonald. In fact, you stare at him as much as you can. However, the most popular girl at school finds out you LOVE Ronald. She tells everyone. Now you have to either own up or lie.
  • 9
    You are wearing a fur coat made from real fur. An animal lover finds out that is real fur. They are disgusted. Ok...defend yourself.
  • 10
    Your little brother comes out with tears and a pee-stained shorts. He tells your mother that you tickled him until he peed and cried. Your mother gives you the lecture. But you say...

  • 11
    You are driving and take your eyes off the road. Suddenly you hit the car in front of you. The driver pulls out and now you have some explaining to do.
  • 12
    You are on a roller coaster. You ate too many beans and drank too much water before you got on. It is a really rough ride. After you go down the first extremely steep and frightening adrenaline pumping hill, you wet your pants and fart poop stains. You get off and are beet red from embarrassment because everyone can see. What do you say?
  • 13
    Your dad asks you to clean out the garage. You rather go play with your friends at the arcade. He finds out it hadn't been cleaned. He is very disappointed in you. Ok, now what?
  • 14
    Your enemy is getting in trouble for something he didn't do but you did. He is getting spanked for doing drugs when you have been doing them. How do you handle the situation when the spankers find out YOU really did them?
  • 15
    Ok. Last question. Do you blame President Bush for everything?

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