Kingdom Hearts 2

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If you love this game then you should do good...its broken up into parts so get them all right for maximum points! ^^

  • 1
    Sora wields a ____ for a weapon.
  • 2
    At the start of the game you play as a new character. What is his name?
  • 3
    Roxas rights someone with red hair. What is his name?
  • 4
    Roxas fight a giant Nobody. What is it's name?
  • 5
    When Roxas fights the nam with red hair for the second time, what does Roxas fight with?
  • 6
    In the fight with a wall of fire, what does Axel say when you start off the fight?
  • 7
    Once you get up to Sora's chamber in a big white room, a man comes and talks to Roxas. What is this mans name?
  • 8
    When Sora, Donald, and Goofy wake up, they want to back track to their adventures in Jiminy's Journal, but its empty. What are the only words in the journal at that point?
  • 9
    Sora and the crew venture through Twilight Town. Once you make it to the Station Heights you fight a bunch of Nobodies. What kinds do you fight?
  • 10
    When you finally get inside the train station, Hayner, Pence and Olette say goodbye to Sora. Sora then sheds one tear and doesn't exactly mean to. Who really shedded the tear?
  • 11
    Once Sora and the crew reach the trains destination, they see someone peeking into the castle there. Who is it?
  • 12
    You get to the top of Yen Sid's castle and he requests new clothes. What can't Fauna, Flora and Merryweather decide on?
  • 13
    Yen Sid gives you something for your trip, what is it?
  • 14
    The first world you go to from the Gummi World Map is called what?
  • 15
    When you first arrive there, what heartless do you see?
  • 16
    This question is a many forms can you see Sora in throughout the game? *Excluding his normal form; including forms from other worlds*
  • 17
    How many limits are there? *Excluding Summons*
  • 18
    What is the name of the group that you have to fight throughout the game?
  • 19
    What is Sora's Heartless Form called?
  • 20
    Organization XII...The Key of Destiny. Who is that?
  • 21
    Organization XII..."You really shouldn't have betrayed us." Who says this at the begining of their fight?
  • 22
    Organization XII...Who wields a tomahawk?
  • 23
    Organization XII..."Dance water, DANCE!" Who says this during their fight?
  • 24
    Organization XII...Who is the Chilly Academic?
  • 25
    Organization XII...The ONLY girl!
  • 26
    Organization XII...Fight at Beast's Castle.
  • 27
    Organization XII...Captures allies for the battle.
  • 28
    Organization XII...Never talks.
  • 29
    Organization XII...Wanted Xemnas' leadership.
  • 30
    Organization XII...Goes Beserk during the fight.
  • 31
    Organization XII...The only one who felt like he had a heart.
  • 32
    Organization XII...The last one remaining. ^^
  • 33
    Which character looks like the antagonist from the first Kingdom Hearts?
  • 34
    Who is the strongest side boss in the game? *Maybe even the strongest out of everything. ^^ *
  • 35
    How many Summons call Sora's name when summoned?
  • 36
    Who gives Sora Final Form?
  • 37
    How many forms have Synch Blade?
  • 38
    What's the name of the weakest Keyblade?
  • 39
    In the final fight, when you use Donald and Goofy, you can go Drive Form. Can you be saved by Mickey.
  • 40
    In the last fight with Xemnas, only Sora and Riku can fight, during the scene after Xemnas fires a barrage of rays at you, how many times does Riku get hit?

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