Kingdom Hearts 2

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Try and get them all right!

  • 1
    Can Sora go Anti-Form while going Final Form?
  • 2
    Which form has an ability called "Brave Beat"?
  • 3
    Which form has the ability "Endless Magic"?
  • 4
    "Thinking of you wherever you are..." Who says this?
  • 5
    When does the game truly begin?
  • 6
    When doing "Session", Riku and Soras tag limit skill, Riku says something after you complete the Last Saber-Dark Cannon attacks. What does he say?
  • 7
    What does Riku and Sora do after their "Session" limit?
  • 8
    When you're about to fight Sai'x, he throws his wind by swinging his weapon, the Claymore. The attack seemed like it was directed towards someone. Who?
  • 9
    "Somebody come quick!" Who says this when their health gets low?
  • 10
    What enemy drops Lucid Crystals?
  • 11
    What is the name of the Gummi Ship route to Twilight Town? *Pssst, the hardest Gummi route ^^*
  • 12
    When you defeat Sephiroth, *if you're skilled enough* he tells you to tell Cloud he wants to settle things. There's a cutscene of them fighting, and Tifa says Cloud can have her light. Cloud "claims" he doesn't know. What begins to happen to him?
  • 13
    When Sora finds Riku for the first time, Riku looks like the antagonist from the first Kingdom Hearts. What does Sora do when he realizes it's him?
  • 14
    How many items can Donald hold?
  • 15
    What is the name of Goofy's second limit skill; when you use it?
  • 16
    When you use "Trinity Limit" with Sora, Donald and Goofy, you are endowed with three abilities for that skill. What are the abilities names?
  • 17
    If you defeat a boss-like enemy *or boss* in a Drive Form, what is odd about Sora in the following scene?
  • 18
    If you chose both staves in Deep Dive and before you fight Siefer with Roxas, what is the last ability Sora will learn?
  • 19
    Where do you last fight Demyx?
  • 20
    What weapon(s) does Xemnas use?
  • 21
    What world represents the first cartoon by the legend, Walt Disney?
  • 22
    When can you go first Final Form?
  • 23
    What Organization member controls the Samauri Nobodies?
  • 24
    What is the name of Mickey's magic attack?
  • 25
    Can you do a reaction command on a Shadow? If so, what is it called?
  • 26
    How many Orichalcum+'s do you need to make the Save the King?
  • 27
    "That's really getting old!" Why does Sora say that and who does he say that to?
  • 28
    What is the rarest item a Capsule can drop?
  • 29
    What is the name of the Moogle in The World That Never Was?
  • 30
    How old is Riku?
  • 31
    KeyBlade is to Sora, as Skills and Crossbones is to...
  • 32
    What is the name of Aladdin's weapon?
  • 33
    When you use Aladdin's limit skill, what does he say?
  • 34
    What is the name of Genie's Final Form limit skill?
  • 35
    How many gauges does Anti-Form consume?
  • 36
    What attack seems similar by Xemnas as it does from Ansem in the first Kingdom Hearts?
  • 37
    How old is King Mickey?
  • 38
    Gummi Ships have an ability called Auto-Regen. How much AP would you need if you added two Cost-Converters to that?
  • 39
    What do Moogles hate?
  • 40
    Maleficent is allied with Pete. Who is Sark allied with?
  • 41
    Mickey gives you Master Form. Who do you fuse with to go Wisdom?
  • 42
    Sephiroth fights Cloud. Who does he kill?
  • 43
    Three pixels' are in the game. What are their names?
  • 44
    Three pixels' are in the game. What is the name of their group?
  • 45
    You find out the true name of Hollow Bastion. What is it and who tells you?
  • 46
    At the end of the game, Riku says he has something Sora can never imitate. What is it?
  • 47
    What is awkward about Kingdom Hearts 3?
  • 48
    Sora can be seen in his first Kingdom Hearts outfit. Can he be seen like that in an all green outfit?
  • 49
    "I'm SO FLATTERED!". Who says this?
  • 50
    Where can you see Ansem Report "0"?
  • 51
    What's that name of the attack Sephiroth first uses on you?
  • 52
    In Agrabah, Abu is mezmerized by a gem in The Cave of Wonders. Who else is mezmerized by it?
  • 53
    What is the name of the reaction command when you fight Jafar-Genie?
  • 54
    Three KeyBlades have the same attack strength, Ultima Weapon, Oblivion, and what?
  • 55
    How much EXP does Valor form have when maxed out?
  • 56
    How do you level up Final Form?
  • 57
    What is special about Final Form?
  • 58
    When you are in Namines room, what is unique about to command menu?
  • 59
    Who tries to steal Pooh Bears story book?
  • 60
    "Moon, shine down!". Who says this?
  • 61
    Question 1... What can be heard from Xemnas while fighting Xemnas with only Riku and Sora?
  • 62
    Question 2... What can be heard from Xemnas while fighting Xemnas with only Riku and Sora?
  • 63
    What does Axel do to wipe out all Dusks in the Dark Realm?
  • 64
    "I would...". Who says that? *I hope you 'got it memorized' ^^*
  • 65
    "I love you!". Who says this?
  • 66
    *LOL* What do "Tiggers" do best?
  • 67
    Who is the first Final Fantasy 8 character you see in the game?
  • 68
    Namine is a girl with mysterious power. Who is she?
  • 69
    What is said to be 'The Door of Light'?
  • 70
    What is the last thing you see if you achieve the Kingdom Hearts 3 video?
  • 71
    If you beat the game on Proud Mode, *Like I did ^^* what do you get to see?

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