Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Quotes

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Have you seen this movie? If yes, then your bound to do brilliant on it if you were paying attention, if not, then I'd recommend you go see it, mate...savvy?

  • 1
    "Damn you, Jack Sparrow!"
  • 2
    "Haven't seen him in a month. When you do see him, can you give him a message? *slap*
  • 3
    No! Much better. It is a drawing of a key!
  • 4
    "You're not making any sense at all."
  • 5
    "No. I mean a resolute and unyielding need."
  • 6
    "It's only a ship, mate..."
  • 7
    "You robbed me of my wedding night!"
  • 8
    "How do you know it wasn't divine providence what inspired you to be clever?"
  • 9
    "Your bravery is wasted. I shall pry the chest from your cold...dead...hands.
  • 10
    "Jack Sparrow...our debt is settled."
  • 11
    "The Captain goes down with his ship."
  • 12
    "Turns out not even Jack Sparrow can best the devil."
  • 13
    "Jack Sparrow sent me to settle his debt."
  • 14
    "Hey fishface! Lose something? Look what I got. Come to negotiate eh, you slimy git?"
  • 15
    "You cannot let him near the chest, man, trust me on this. You can mistrust me or you can mistrust him. Trust me.
  • 16
    "Do you fear death? Do you fear that dark abyss? All you deeds lay bare, all your sins punishable?"
  • 17
    "Maboogie snickel, snickel. Toot sweet, come on!"
  • 18
    "Guard the boat, mind the tide...don't touch my dirt."
  • 19
    "I am the sea."
  • 20
    "How much do you know about Davy Jones?"
  • 21
    "I've had it! I've had it with wobbly-legged, rum soaked PIRATES!"
  • 22
    "You're a good man, Jack Sparrow."

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