Are you a child genius?

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We've all heard of child geniuses. You know those kids who skip around 10 grades in school and graduate college as an adolescent. But they are not the only child geniuses. In fact you can be as smart as one of those kids. Take this test to see if you are a child genius too.

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    When was the declaration of independence signed?

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not cool (20192)
23 days ago
Omg I got about 8 questions right and its calling me dum!! I mean... to be honest nobody is dum. as long as u know something then u r smart. soo I'm definetly rating it one star. (no offense whoever created this website)
whatever (58381)
110 days ago
i am one of the smartest people ever, but it said im retarted.
lol (77215)
112 days ago
too ez for me i dont think this is correct
Pam (27033)
136 days ago
Rude. Rude rude rude rude
Someone (27033)
136 days ago
I think this test isn’t very good. It did tell me I was a genius though.
Stacy (84741)
175 days ago
They called me retarded how rude I am never coming to this website again and I got 9 right you lot are retarded
Unknown (78643)
223 days ago
I took this test twice. Once I took it putting all of my honest answers that I think are correct actually paying attention to the question. And I was a genius not a prodigy. Then the second time wondering what’ll happen if I just put random answers it told me I was not snort at all and was just retarded. Laughed so hard.
Dale Bellerose (45985)
223 days ago
This test is overrated a child genius does not take a quiz made by a middle aged overweight man who put there name as genius girl thirteen to act like there not a perv and dropped outa school to work at buzzfeeds mail room *mic drop* *everybody is quiet*
Bleh (28107)
235 days ago
Apparently I’m a genius but I’m not one of this kids that skip 10 grades...... huh? Lol like if I wanted to anyways
why do you need to know my name?????? (65764)
242 days ago
((red)Autumn your right.
why do you need to know my name?????? (65764)
242 days ago
It says that I'm not a genius I'm normal I'm so sad.
catgirl (07014)
256 days ago
that test was silly
Mad (13056)
271 days ago
Ok so I am probably smarter than the teachers at my school because I have a IQ of 120-139 and I’m 11. Then I take this test and it says that I’m “below average”. This is not truthful! That or maybe my finger slipped. I know what answer was what though. But still, nice test
Rose (71987)
290 days ago
I have skipped two grades and am meant to in 5th. I laughed when I saw the questions and the result it gave me. It said I was average human intelligence. So if I am average, the developer must be below below-average. Rekt. Oh and, maybe the user is called Genius Girl 13 because that is her IQ. Or maybe it is the highest she ( he ) can count to.
Andre Ekunwe (34186)
327 days ago
This quiz is the easiest this quiz is the easiest quiz I have ever done the best I have ever done I have ever entire life so I'm staying the people who the people who got the squeeze a big big big big thank you and I hope someday I can work for you and earn money from from andre
Levi (67069)
372 days ago
I think some of you are not very smart if you think you're smart from a internet quiz.
Erica 123 (11386)
373 days ago
Wow im higher than average ok im 11 and in 11 th grade so I don't actually understand what's going on this isn't accurate all I wanted was to have fun cause I'm bored WHAT THE HECK THOUGH
jeremiah (99240)
392 days ago
dang i love being smart im making it to college im pretty sure
Skyla (24748)
404 days ago
Actually I am a genius because of other test I took
Hannah (65388)
411 days ago
I meant I will slap who ever mad this test