The HAG Purity Test

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Alright, HAG-ites, come show your pride and find out how corrupted you've become due to our fabulous drama club.

  • 1
    Are you or have you ever been in HAG?
  • 2
    Have you been involved with HAG for over a year?
  • 3
    ---More than three years?
  • 4
    Have you been involved in HAG for every season since it was reinstated?
  • 5
    Were you somehow in a HAG show before the hiatus?
  • 6
    Before you were in HAG, did you ever attend a HAG show?
  • 7
    ---One before the hiatus?
  • 8
    Were you in ‘Annie’?
  • 9
    Have you been in every HAG show since (and including) ‘Annie’?
  • 10
    Have you been in every HAG show since you started at St. Monica Upper School?
  • 11
    Are you or have you ever been an officer?
  • 12
    Do you wish you were an officer?
  • 13
    Have you ever been a stage manager?
  • 14
    Have you ever had any other production position (choreographer, prop manager, technical director)?
  • 15
    ---While you were acting in the show?
  • 16
    Have you ever had your own dressing room?
  • 17
    ---For an entire season?
  • 18
    ------Even though you weren’t assigned it pre-season?
  • 19
    Have you ever been assigned a dressing room pre-season?
  • 20
    Have you kept your assigned dressing room for more than a year?
  • 21
    ---More than three years?
  • 22
    ---Since HAG was reinstated?
  • 23
    Have you ever made out with someone in your dressing room?
  • 24
    Have you ever changed in someone’s assigned dressing room even though you were supposed to be changing in the ensemble one?
  • 25
    Have you ever had to run half-dressed through the basement for some reason?
  • 26
    Have you ever had to change in the wings?
  • 27
    Do you date or have you ever dated someone in HAG?
  • 28
    Do you only date other HAG-ites?
  • 29
    Did you meet one of your girlfriends/boyfriends through HAG?
  • 30
    ---More than one?
  • 31
    Have you ever convinced a girlfriend/boyfriend to join HAG?
  • 32
    ---Did you both stay involved even after you broke up?
  • 33
    ---And they ‘eclipsed’ you?
  • 34
    Have you ever played opposite your girlfriend/boyfriend in a HAG show?
  • 35
    ---Before you were going out?
  • 36
    ------And you started going out during the show?
  • 37
    ---While you were going out?
  • 38
    Have you ever been stage-kissed (or stage-kissed someone) on the cheek?
  • 39
    ---And enjoyed it?
  • 40
    Have you ever stage-kissed on the lips?
  • 41
    ---And enjoyed it?
  • 42
    Have you ever stage-frenched?
  • 43
    ---And enjoyed it?
  • 44
    ---And wanted to vomit?
  • 45
    Have you ever had to do anything worse than stage-french (not implied, but on stage)?
  • 46
    Have you ever played opposite Liam, George, Quentin, or Seamus?
  • 47
    ---More than one?
  • 48
    ---All of them?
  • 49
    Have you ever played opposite Gwen, Mari, Izzy, or Tasha?
  • 50
    ---More than one?
  • 51
    ---All of them?
  • 52
    Have you ever played opposite one of the ‘graduated greats’ (Marlowe, Terrence, Betsy, Reggie, Piers, Ebba)?
  • 53
    Have you ever played opposite someone more than two years older than you?
  • 54
    Have you ever worn an extremely skimpy outfit on stage?
  • 55
    Have you ever done a seductive dance on stage?
  • 56
    Have you ever been hit on at meet-and-greet because of 54 or 55?
  • 57
    Have you ever been hit on at meet-and-greet at all?
  • 58
    Have you ever hid at a meet-and-greet because you didn’t want to see someone?
  • 59
    Have you ever been mobbed at a meet-and-greet?
  • 60
    Have you ever been hugged by random strangers at a meet-and-greet?
  • 61
    Have you ever been to a Denny’s party after a show?
  • 62
    ---Do you go to at least one every single run of a show?
  • 63
    Do you live off pizza, Thai food, and BBB coffee during shows?
  • 64
    Have you had pizza or Thai delivered to you in the green room?
  • 65
    Have you ever put a sticky note on the wall in the green room?
  • 66
    ---Have you put up more than ten?
  • 67
  • 68
  • 69
    ---More than you could ever count?
  • 70
    Do you basically live in the basement of the theatre (the green room, dressing rooms, and hallway of DOOM)?
  • 71
    Do you regularly go to Laser Planet?
  • 72
    ---After or between shows?
  • 73
    Do you own any HAG-related clothing?
  • 74
    ---Does it make up a good portion of your wardrobe?
  • 75
    Do you wear HAG-related clothing on almost every non-uniform day?
  • 76
    ---Every non-uniform day?
  • 77
    Did you perform or present at the HAG Banquet?
  • 78
    Have you ever presented or performed at a HAG Award Night?
  • 79
    Have you ever attended a HAG movie night?
  • 80
    Have you ever attended a HAG laser tag night?
  • 81
    Have you ever had the lead (title character or similar) in a HAG show?
  • 82
    Have you ever cut/dyed/grown out you hair/facial hair for a HAG show?
  • 83
    Have you ever performed while sick?
  • 84
    Have you ever gotten the ‘plague’ (HAG epidemic)?
  • 85
    ---Started one?
  • 86
    Have you ever been too sick to perform?
  • 87
    Have you ever gone on as an understudy?
  • 88
    Have you ever got in a fight (verbal, physical, or on-line) with a member of the public school’s drama club?
  • 89
    Have you ever been in one of Enid’s classes?
  • 90
    ---Have you taken ‘Theatre Studies’ every year since freshman year?
  • 91
    Do you own the video/DVD for every single HAG show you’ve been in?
  • 92
    Have you ever performed one of the 'infamous' brush-ups ('Little Shop', 'Footloose', or 'Charlie Brown')?
  • 93
    Have you ever rewritten a song or scene for a brush-up?
  • 94
    Have you ever been in one of Quentin’s movies?
  • 95
    Are you one of the few people who knows there’s nothing going on between Liam and Gwen?
  • 96
    ---Yet you still tease them constantly about it?
  • 97
    Do you believe that George and Seamus are straight?
  • 98
    Do you know what the “Gwen Cookie Dance” is?
  • 99
    Is your iPod basically full of the soundtracks from HAG shows?
  • 100
    Is HAG your entire life?

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