him or her

does he evr even notice you? do you even know? well here take this quiz to find out with only 10 questions its worth it to give it a chance! you must send it to at least 3 people so that maybe just maybe your secret crush will notice you!

  • 1
    does your crush ever talk to you or make eye contact?
  • 2
    do you ever interact with your crush?
  • 3
    how would you look with you crush? (as a couple)

  • 4
    if your best friend was dating him and you got into fights would you ever get together with him?
  • 5
    how do you fell about your crush?
  • 6
    what color is your hair?

  • 7
    what color are your eyes?
  • 8
    what is your skin color?
  • 9
    how old are you?
  • 10
    how old is your crush

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