The Legen of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Universal Quiz

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Answer a question related to all 37 places in the great Zelda game: Ocarina of Time.

  • 1
    Kokiri Forest
    When you return to this place as Adult Link, what monster is guarding the entrance to the Lost Woods?
  • 2
    Lost Woods
    What are the directions, from the start of Kokiri Forest, to get to the Zora River Entrance?
    L - Left
    R - Right
    U - Up
  • 3
    Sacred Forest Meadow
    What song transports you here?
  • 4
    Inside the Great Deku Tree
    What order must the Deku Scrubs be defeated to gain access to Ghoma? This is NOT in the Master Quest.
  • 5
    Forest Temple
    In the normal version, a total of how many Stalfos must be fought, ignoring resurrections?
  • 6
    Hyrle Field
    Which of these enemies appear here in the past?
  • 7
    Lon Lon Ranch
    How many horse jumps can be made out of here after Talon resumes control?
  • 8
    What item is 'forbidden' in the Treasure Chest Shop?
  • 9
    Hyrle Castle
    Here lies the Great Fairy of ______.
  • 10
    Castle Courtyard
    What kind of song is learnt here?
    eg. Prelude, Bolero.
  • 11
    Temple of Time
    Which of the following is not here in the future?
  • 12
    Chamber of Sages
    On the ground there are emblems where the six sages stand on. What is opposite Light?
  • 13
    Ganon's Castle
    When Link first arrives outside the castle, what is not here?
  • 14
    Inside Ganondorf's Castle
    What enemy is fought in the first non-staircase floor of the tower?
  • 15
    Kakariko Village
    During a certain part of the game there is a continuous storm in the village. Why? Points storm in the village. Why?
  • 16
    Who takes what mask in this area?
  • 17
    What cannot be found in here?
  • 18
    Bottom of the Well
    What guards the Lens of Truth?
  • 19
    Shadow Temple
    Complete this mysterious quote from the walls.
    What lies in the darkness...
    Tricks full of ill will...
    You ___________________?
  • 20
    Death Mountain Trail
    What is located here and the Haunted Wasteland?
  • 21
    Goron City
    What song takes you to this place?
  • 22
    Death Mountain Crater
    What object here is placed in a seemingly impossible place to reach? Hint: Look Up.
  • 23
    Dodongo's Cavern
    Which isn't correct about this place? Read it very carefully.
  • 24
    Fire Temple
    How many blocks must be pounded to get from the Megaton Hammer room to the Volvagia Entrance Room?
  • 25
    Zora River
    What is not true about the frogs?
  • 26
    Zora's Domain
    Who can be unfrozen from the ice by link?
  • 27
    Zora Fountain
    How do you access the Fairy Fountain here?
  • 28
    Lake Hylia
    Who teaches you the Scarecrow's Song?
  • 29
    Ice Cavern
    Who guards the Iron Boots in the normal version of the game?
  • 30
    Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly
    What is the title for Barinade?
  • 31
    Water Temple
    How much water is in the temple when you first enter it?
  • 32
    Gerudo Valley
    Who fixes the bridge as a child?
  • 33
    Gerudo Fortress
    What can't Link access at any time here?
  • 34
    Haunted Wasteland
    Who lives here?
  • 35
    Desert Colossus
    What can be seen in the hands of the goddess?
  • 36
    Gerudo Training Ground
    The reward for passing this is what?
  • 37
    Spirit Temple
    Which of the following is not true about Kotake and Koume?

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953 days ago
wut... There is no lava in dodongos cavern is also incorrect. And koume and kotake are the same age... they are twins.