Do you get angry way too easily?

Developed by: soap

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    You are at the mall when someone bumps into you and doesn't say anything let alone an apology. What do you do?

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Tim (01368)
245 days ago
Who would do some of these? In most situations I'd be mad and probably get physical.
Bri (21273)
318 days ago
The options I'm given are things I wouldn't do tbh
Wilson (25430)
330 days ago
Im using my phone so the buttons aren't working that
Well... I threw my phoneXD
Anger Issues (40331)
354 days ago
I get mad all the time
Bottomless pit in my soul (35982)
520 days ago
I get angry sometimes but not all the time
tybris renaerts (30404)
553 days ago
yeah i do get angry easily but i don't know why
dean carey (39281)
627 days ago
i think you should be able to pick more then one answer
AngryGuy (09615)
706 days ago
White isn't a color