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Sex and the city

48.2 % of users had this result: You are Carrie! You love fashion, shoes, magazines, nice bars! When it comes to friendships, you can become a very loveable and supportive person! However, sometimes only for the eyes of your love, you leave back everything and you're even willing to change country in order to be with him! Fancy clothes are your forte and you love labels and big designers! Your apartment is your whole world and you prefer to spend time in there, even with your boyfriend! Sex is important to you, but city and its events are more! Your personal life can be a mess and your ex can easily stuck in your mind! Careful! Don't risk everything for him! Go city girl and have fun!

17.91 % of users had this result: Hey Miranda! How are you! Clearly, you love your job, simply because it gives power upon the people! That's good! You're a goddess! But careful with your mates! Don't judge them, because sometimes they don't like it! You have a nice and supportive man around you, but you keep sending him away! Keep your eyes open! You don't mind about staying in Saturday night! TV and Chinese food can be your best friends! You like smart clothes, however you prefer the more casual looks! Trips? That can be boring sometimes! Sex on the other hand, has to be aggressive, but you don't like trying very risky things! You're strong woman, athletic and fit. My advice to you? Don't be so strong, because sometimes you need to cry on a shoulder. This feels nice sometimes!

22.08 % of users had this result: You 're sweet, sexy and smart like Charlotte.You love things to be organised and well planed.Very arty spirit, nice personality and nice smile! Man love to make love to you and you want them to be perfect like gorgeous Brad Pitt! Your house is your kingdom! It looks nice, like it have come out of a magazine! You love to make a family, the sooner the better.Being a mummy and cooking nice meals for your husband is the dream picture in your mind! You like sex, but you like the idea of marriage the most.This is why you will cook the best meal for your soul mate! Of course you believe in soul mates! You're very romantic! Careful though, cause things can be tougher sometimes!

11.68 % of users had this result: Hello sexy! Yes, you are Samantha! Dress like a woman with vintage clothes, make many friends and being at the best parties of the city is your life! You love men, you love your life, you live to have sex! You never judge people and you don't let them judging you! You're a Star! Kama Sutra is your best book and erotic movies are a cliché for you.You don't hesitate trying everything in bed! Relationships is not you and marriage is way out of you're league! Careful though, because when love will knock your door, let him in and enjoy it!

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