How Well Do You Know Your Country?

Developed by: Jessica Klemm

Hope you like the quiz. It's pretty easy, you should be able to get a respectable score...Well, it was me that said that!

  • 1
    Yes or no, The Wreckers met each other because someone told them they sounded alike when they sang.

  • 2
    Steve Holey sings "Love You."
  • 3
    Sugar land has become basically Jennifer Laich.
  • 4
    Miranda Lambert wrote her first song when she was 15 years old.
  • 5
    Jennifer Needles and Bon Jovi sing "Who Says You Can't Go Home."
  • 6
    Big and Rich sing "8th of November."
  • 7
    Jake Owens sings "How 'Bout You."
  • 8
    The girl who plays Dixie in Broken Bridges also sings with the group.
  • 9
    Lindsay Haun is only 16 years old.
  • 10
    Toby Keith sings "I'm A Redneck Woman." (This one's easy!)
  • 11
    Rascall Flatts does not sing "Skin."
  • 12
    Brad Paisley's wife (Kimberly Williams) was Annie in Father of The Bride.
  • 13
    Kenny Chesney sings and writes all his own songs
  • 14
    Brad Paisley is 33 years old.
  • 15
    The Wreckers sing and write all their own songs.
  • 16
    The Wreckers consists of Michelle Harp and Jessica Branch.
  • 17
    Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are married and have three girls. (another easy one!)
  • 18
    Before he cheats is a song about a guy who found out his girlfriend was cheating on him.
  • 19
    Toby Keith sings "Big Blue Note"
  • 20
    I'm going to help you with this one(pick yes)I ran out of questions, so just like (pick yes!)Thanks for doing this quiz!

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