Does Your Crush Like You?

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Ever wanted someone really bad? Ever wanted to make a move, but were too embarrassed, thinking, "This person probably doesn't even LIKE me"? Find out for sure! Take this crush test to learn if you and your crush are worth a try.

  • 1
    How often do you & your crush talk?
    How often do you & your crush talk?
  • 2
    When you two do talk, what's it like?
  • 3
    Has your crush ever flirted with other people while you were around?
  • 4
    Is your crush currently in a relationship?
  • 5
    Do you & your crush joke around a lot?
  • 6
    Has your crush ever complimented the way you look? Like calling you hot, sexy or pretty?
  • 7
    Has your crush ever pressured you to change or to do something against your will, just to fulfill his/her needs?
  • 8
    Imagine you catch your crush staring at you. What would be his/her reaction to being caught?
  • 9
    You're in class and your crush walks in late. There's an empty seat next to you & another next to one his/her acquaintances. Which of you would your crush choose to sit next to?
  • 10
    Do you think your crush knows you exist?
  • 11
    In a word, how would your crush describe you?
  • 12
    Finally - have you & your crush ever had a "moment"?

Comments (70)


Ella (05944)
4 days ago
I wish I could tell my crush I like him.
Sahryn (01989)
14 days ago
Does he like me more than a friend yes or no
Sahryn (01989)
14 days ago
Does he like me more than friends
kayla (43516)
27 days ago
........................................................ -W-
liz (71120)
41 days ago
no..not at all.
in fact your not a good liar...
sammy (71120)
41 days ago
oh uuummm...
i totally didnt wright that...
do you believe me right?
liz (71120)
41 days ago
uuumm sammy you do know im here,right?
sammy (71120)
41 days ago
i like this girl named lizday
Izzyspatch (77097)
46 days ago
We’ll be freshmen next year
Izzyspatch (77097)
46 days ago
Also I’m 13 and he’s 14 so...
Izzyspatch (77097)
46 days ago
So at my summer art camp There this dude I’m in a group of friends with and I definitely got the feels for him, he’s so pretty and goofy. He’s nicer to me then all the other girls in the group so does that mean he likes me? For example; he hold a spot in the lunch line, he always wants to sit across from me at lunch, he compliments my art a lot And we text all night. but is that just because we’re in a group? Also I live in Louisiana and he lives in Delaware, next year will be our last year of being young enough to go to the camp, what should I do?
Romance Poetry 101 (73826)
53 days ago
A poem for my crush:

The sky is dark
The sun seems dim
I see his face
In everything

His eyes, his hair
His cute little ears
If he leaves,
I shall follow near

It isn't a triangle
It's a square-shaped mess
And if I mess up
He might love me less

But the smile he gives me
Full of sugar and spice
The way his teeth shine
When he tells me I'm nice

When he tucks my hair back
And kisses me in the rain
When he holds my hand
And leaves roses in the lane

So grow, Oh grass
And fly Oh, doves
We're college freshman:
This is obviously true love
Lila-rose (41540)
62 days ago
I like this boy called louie Hay but im in 3rd grade..;-;
Jessica Harris (89721)
63 days ago
This guy I like talks alot to me, asked me if he could sit next to me when he barely new me (we are friends now), stares at me, cares If I cry and we play together. Does he like me??
Adam (49359)
73 days ago
I got rejected ;-; well back to sadness
Adam (49359)
74 days ago
Hello people and I have decided to do it tomorrow.
Anonymous (49359)
74 days ago
Well good luck Jack
Anonymous (49359)
74 days ago
I think she likes you Jack
Jack (06925)
74 days ago
I am in 7th grade . My crush sometimes talk to me most at all time like she always takes help from me mostly
Adam (49359)
75 days ago
Btw Im only in fifth grade