Does My Crush Like Me?

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Ever wanted someone really bad? Ever wanted to make a move, but were too embarrassed, thinking, "This person probably doesn't even LIKE me"? Find out for sure! Take this crush test to learn if you and your crush are worth a try.

  • 1
    How often do you & your crush talk?
    How often do you & your crush talk?
  • 2
    When you two do talk, what's it like?
  • 3
    Has your crush ever flirted with other people while you were around?
  • 4
    Is your crush currently in a relationship?
  • 5
    Do you & your crush joke around a lot?
  • 6
    Has your crush ever complimented the way you look? Like calling you hot, sexy or pretty?
  • 7
    Has your crush ever pressured you to change or to do something against your will, just to fulfill his/her needs?
  • 8
    Imagine you catch your crush staring at you. What would be his/her reaction to being caught?
  • 9
    You're in class and your crush walks in late. There's an empty seat next to you & another next to one his/her acquaintances. Which of you would your crush choose to sit next to?
  • 10
    Do you think your crush knows you exist?
  • 11
    In a word, how would your crush describe you?
  • 12
    Finally - have you & your crush ever had a "moment"?

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5 days ago
i took this quiz ages ago and it told me to get myself out there and tell him how i feel, and now we're dating :) :)
8 days ago
my crush is my bestfriend and were getting closer every minute, we could possibly start going out next week 😝💕
16 days ago
This quiz didn't even help me, I still dont know if he likes me back😭
38 days ago
I got they really like you not the do not know how to say it
49 days ago
Hi, it’s really complicated cause when I didn’t like him he tried to talk to me and then I started liking him, it was almost too late. But now there are these special moments.... where my friend says he looks at me and I know he tries to get my attention and I do the same to get his attention ..... I think we are playing the hard to get game.... also he has a gf that moved away...😳sorry I can’t explain well ... but I’m trying somehow
58 days ago
If anyone can help plz do, i've never dated before. He and I talk a lot, I want to be in a relationship but, I'm just going to wait for him to make the move. If not, oh well. He did want me to walk with him to the library after school... he said he was going to make a friend of ours who im not naming go aswell. I wanted to go but, i don't live in town and my mom would've killed me. maybe i'll ask if i can hang out with some friends and then go...? idk ill eventually figure this out. best of luck to all of yee
58 days ago
Not quite sure what this means, did a bunch of tests, i think a relationship would work between us tho. We are pretty good friends and people do tease us, sometimes in classes people will ask us why we aren't dating and that we'd be cute together, it's kinda awkward for both of us. I want to be in a relationship with him but I'm not sure if he's interested and I don't want to ruin a good friendship for that, so if he asks me I'll say yes.
69 days ago
He's also single. His actions seem weird around me. I'm not really sure if this is IT though...welp...I'll give you the first letter of his name. R.
69 days ago
Well, my crush is a sporty type. He basicially has every jersey in the world, and is a big fan of the Jets. He also stares at me, but when I look back, he quickly shoots a freaked-out look and turns his head. And, maybe we're getting there. I'm not really that sporty, though. We have the same class, and we just met on the first day of school. He's also pretty much some months older, being born in Feb. Well, good luck to your results!:)
72 days ago
we all no we have a crush but my story is weird.... i like him but he is a player and i dont know how to tell him i like him we dont even say hi to each other anymore and we were friends scince very young age but since he switched schools he started to hang out with popular kids....... i need advise please help.
73 days ago
my crush likes me. we literally have every class together and our lockers are next to each other but like we only text bc i feel awkward and stop..
rip me...
83 days ago
o gee he likes me but my friends are always hanging around with me so I don't have time with him even I love him back.......we only talk on notes! Laterz
113 days ago
Ahh 100% he likes me I’m in love with him
119 days ago
Ahh! 50 percent! I think he’s just shy to express to me how he feels haha.
137 days ago
Ahhh it’s so sad even though I know my crush doesn’t like em back but I still liked him for almost 2 years now I really want to get over him but I see humble everyday in school and he is army neighbor
138 days ago
wait are you sure its A....
154 days ago
Lanelee I have the exact situation almost perfectly! I died laughing 😆 cuz it’s crazy that I have almost the same situation
158 days ago
So I've known the guy I like for 8 or 9 years now, and I've liked him for about 4 years. I'm 14 and he just turned 16, but he didn't know I was younger than him until 2 weeks ago 😂 I'm best friends with his sister, and they're super close. He's my older brother's best friend, but they both teased me a lot when I was younger, so I never thought he liked me. I finally told his sister one night, and a week later, she told him. Turns out, he's liked me for a long time too! I never knew anything about it, and I hadn't told anyone but his sister up until then. I finally told my mom I liked him a week after I found out he liked me, but she didn't know he liked me back until 2 weeks after that. I'm not allowed to date until I'm 16, and my mom thinks there's too much of an age difference between us anyway. We have awesome chemistry and we make each other laugh a lot, sometimes even making the same joke about something that's happening at the same time! We've always really connected, and we both play instruments in church. Our families are super close too! He's so cute, and I rly think we could become something amazing as a couple, but by the time I'm old enough to date, he'll be 18! I just don't know if we should keep pursuing this...
185 days ago
My crush said he liked me on phone. He wasn't speaking then I asked why and he said I like u so I was like OK and he always stares at me but do u think he still likes me
190 days ago
uhm yeah idk what to tell this site doesn't help me xoxo