Does He Really Like Me?

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I know, I know! Another one of those, "Does he like me?" quizzes! Well, take this one! The results reveal more than just, "He does like you" or "He doesn't like you."

  • 1
    First of all, when do you see this boy and how often?
    First of all, when do you see this boy and how often?
  • 2
    Do you ever notice him looking at you? Then what happens?
  • 3
    Has he ever spoken to you?
    Has he ever spoken to you?
  • 4
    Now, does he ever call you?
  • 5
    Has he ever complimented you?
  • 6
    Has he ever looked at you when you/he walked into a room?
    Has he ever looked at you when you/he walked into a room?
  • 7
    Do you THINK he likes you?
  • 8
    What is his "label"?
    What is his "label"?
  • 9
    Has he ever hinted or told his/your friends that he likes you?
  • 10
    Has he ever asked you out?
  • 11
    Has he ever borrowed something of yours or loaned you something of his?
    Has he ever borrowed something of yours or loaned you something of his?
  • 12
    Do you get along with him?

  • 13
    Does he have a girlfriend?
    Does he have a girlfriend?
  • 14
    Does he have a nickname for you?
  • 15
    Has he gone out with one of your best friends?
  • 16
    In the hall or somewhere outside of class, does he ever look at you, talk to you or smile at you?
    In the hall or somewhere outside of class, does he ever look at you, talk to you or smile at you?
  • 17
    Does he ever make an excuse to sit by you?
  • 18
    Have you ever held hands with him?
  • 19
    Has he ever made a rude remark to you?
  • 20
    FUN QUESTIONS! Has he ever said something like one of THESE to you?
    1. When you laughed at him, did he start smiling and sweetly say something like,"You laughing at me?"
    2. When you complimented him, did he say something like: "Thanks, [your name]. It means a lot to me you think that."
  • 21
    On a scale of 1 to 4, rate how much you think he looks at you.
    4 = a lot, 1 = not much at all
  • 22
    You drop your books. He bends down to pick them up for you. When he hands them to you, he looks into your eyes and smiles.
  • 23
    (Almost done!)
    Has he ever said "I love you," even just jokingly?
  • 24
    Which statement do you think he would be MOST LIKELY to say?
  • 25
    Do you REALLY think he likes you?
    LAST QUESTION! Do you REALLY think he likes you?

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55 days ago
my friends are right there always teasing me , saying things like ''you like esten ''. and the test says that they are RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
111 days ago
Dammit I'm obsessed with these tests, WHY CAN'T I JUST GO TO SLEEP IT'S 11PM! I really like this one though, it's really detailed. And It said *he* definitively likes me. :))
113 days ago
I really need this help though
113 days ago
I take WAYYY to many of these quizes. I'm pretty sure I'm obsessed for no reason
211 days ago
214 days ago
Thank you so much for making this test for us
218 days ago
227 days ago
Ok I need advice help I’m in a dance class and this guy I dance by is amazing but if something were to happen it would be wrong any way I can’t fully tell if he likes me he’s 15 and worst part is I’m only 11 but I like him so much I’ve spent the whole day thinking of him help plz
229 days ago
So like two weeks ago this boy that I kind of liked texted me that he liked me but now its almost always me that starts the conversations! I wonder if he still likes me... Please help!
229 days ago
We see each other like once a week. he's flirted a bit, one time i saw him and him and his brother and mate were there and he was really flirting with me. And i saw him staring nd then immediatley looking away a couple of times, but then sometimes he doesnt look at me, even when he knows im there. does he like me? ;/ test says he does........ hes so cute as well xxxxxxxx
230 days ago
So my friend is in fourth grade and I am I in fifth grade and I think her brother likes me so when he called her at my house she's like "gurl! Every time you see him u start freaking out". Not my fault it scares me that he tries to flirt... and every time at lunch only one table sway when my friend was singing call me maybe when she was like "it's hard to look right at you baby"
He looked at me and smiled and blushed like he always does. Also I feel like I blush every time.

Help meee
230 days ago
MAD*(British term for crazy)
230 days ago
Oh man I've got to ask one of his best mates to t or d him to see who he likes it might be me I dunno......WHAT THE BLOODY.......oh my.....😳😳😳😳CRUD HES TEXTING ME BLOODY HELL IM GOIGN TO GO MAC (plz excuse my French)
231 days ago
So... When I'm performing a song or music sometimes and most of the time I can find him looking at me, so we smile at each other and then he'll look somewhere else or sneak another look. When we pass each other, he always says "Why hello there" or tip his hat like the dork he is. And when he texts he'll say I'm sweet or say I deserve kindness. One time my friend got a hold of my phone and said that I liked him, and he said he liked me back. I told him that that wasn't me, and he said that he knew that and was playing along. In real life, my other friend asked if he liked me, and he said "maybe, I think.", but then the rest of the times people ask him, he says no or just a plain excuse. And he's really generous. He keeps making sure I'm okay and one time almost gave me a stack of cash (Which I'm sure he was joking about). And yes, he does make eye contact.
Now he could either be a very supportive friend or like me.
Any advice? Because I don't want us to be awkward if I ask him. He's too good of a friend.
232 days ago
Yeah he definitely likes me. Wow. 99% sure he called me beautiful the other day and 101% sure he has called me pretty before... Too bad he's going to highschool soon, i really wish that it could've become something more :/
235 days ago
He always stares, more often than not, and when I catch him he either runs his hands through his hair quickly and looks away really fast OR stares back and turns red. He is a normally super loud and confident guy, so I don't understand when he is super shy around me? We have talked once; about a project, and he had begun to walk away with my pencil. I had called his name and he reacted kinda weirdly, he spun around super fast, his eyes really wide, his mouth kinda opened, and I grabbed it from his open palm and our hands kinda lingered there for a second, before I looked away and left (chickened out). He is always staring though, or he does the super-obvious-walk-by, with the also super obvious side eye. His friends have..kinda teased him? I see him in the lunch line, and I catch him looking and hell look away..but his friend will be staring with wide eyes! (lokey creepy) and sometimes i'll see in a reflection after we just made eye contact his friend punch his shoulder, but that could be for anything. I have more lol i just dont want to make this too long. Please, anyone, advice?
237 days ago
@A dude, u think u can help me out, pls…?
237 days ago
Hi El. At school, im being bullied by someone called El
238 days ago
So it says he likes me but is too shy but I like him and want him to make the first move and he’s now going to 8th grade and I’m going to 7th grade is that even ok?
239 days ago
It says he likes me but he’s dating my best frand