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I know, I know! Another one of those "does he like you?" quizzes? Well, take this one! The outcomes are more than just "he does like you" or "he doesn't like you".

  • 1
    First of all, when do you see this boy and how often?
    First of all, when do you see this boy and how often?
  • 2
    Do you every see him stare at you and then what happens?
  • 3
    Does he ever talk to you?
    Does he ever talk to you?
  • 4
    Now, does he ever call you? I'M yours?
  • 5
    Has he ever complimented you?
  • 6
    Has he ever looked at you when you/he walked into a room?
    Has he ever looked at you when you/he walked into a room?
  • 7
    Do you THINK he likes you?
  • 8
    What is his "label"?
    What is his "label"?
  • 9
    Has he ever hinted or told his friends/your friends that he liked you?
  • 10
    Has he ever asked you out?
  • 11
    Has he ever borrowed something of yours?
    Has he ever borrowed something of yours?
  • 12
    You get along with him?

  • 13
    He got a girlfriend?
    He got a girlfriend?
  • 14
    Nickname for you?
  • 15
    Has he gone out with one of your best friends?
  • 16
    In the hall or somewhere outside of class, does he look at you or talk to you or smile at you?
    In the hall or somewhere outside of class, does he look at you or talk to you or smile at you?
  • 17
    Does he ever make an excuse to sit by you?
  • 18
    Ever hold your hand?
  • 19
    Has he ever made a rude remark at you?
  • 20
    FUN QUESTIONS! Has he ever said something like one of THESE to you?
    1. When you laughed at him, did he start smiling and say sweetly something like:"You laughing at me?"
    2. When you complimented him, did he say something like: "Thanks, [your name]. It means a lot to me you think that."
  • 21
    On a scale of 1 to 4, rate how much you think he stares at you, 4 being a lot, 1 being not much at all.
  • 22
    You drop your books. He bends down to pick them up and hands them to you and looks into your eyes and smiles.
  • 23
    (almost done!)
    Has he ever said "I love you", even just jokingly?
  • 24
    Which statement do you think he would be MOST LIKELY to say?
  • 25
    Do you REALLY think he likes you!
    LAST QUESTION!Do you REALLY think he likes you!

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crazy angie (58327)
14 hours ago
Help! Pls! I am confused: Omg. I completely get it. That happened/happens with my crush. And honestly in my opinion you should subtly hint that u like him and see how he reacts about it. Or u could ask him if he likes a girl or just try to get into that conversation. Also see/look out if he does anything/something that makes it seem that he likes u. Hope this helps!
♥️ (51668)
17 hours ago
I AM SO HAPPY!!! WE ARE IN LOVE 😍 !!!!! I really like him and we have been fooling around, he laughs with me, I gave him a very weird dare and he DID IT! He also asked me if I had a crush in truth or dare
Help! Pls! I am confused (92905)
Ok, so I have a crush on my nemesis. Ive known him for a pretty long time, and we talk a lot. I dont know how it happens, its just fate. He sits beside me now, and we joke around and get along mostly... like friends. Its just that we do these things like chair locking and pranking each other so much- as if to say "I dont like you!" IDK, Its just very hard to describe.
Im also shipped with him very often, but IDK what to think about that. My friend also told me she heard him tell his friend that he likes me, but im not so sure, and i dont want to get my hopes up. Pls help!! Im VERY confused
lol (00363)
i think this will get lots of views and i like this is melonie mcgovery
crazy angie (58327)
2 days ago
Dylan: u still helpings people out? cuz i have some stuff.
Liah (09317)
2 days ago
Hazel, if she's not actually going to 'kill' you, then, tell him. Or put him in the corner by playing truth or dare. IF IT'S TRUTH: "Who do you like?" IF IT'S DARE: "I dare you to tell is/me who you like!"

Hey, does anyone know any flirting tops so you can flirt undetected?
Hazel (77077)
4 days ago
This guy is sort of... My friends older brother. I have a sense that he might like me... but... if his sister found out then she'd kill BOTH of us. Sorry there isn't any option where I come out alive and we tell each other we like each other (IF he likes me). It's either she murders us OR I simply keep it quiet.
Lia (31031)
5 days ago
Ilost if he has a gf honey still ask him and then if he does be like oooh ah well you can't blame a girl for trying sweetie you can do it
ilost (58472)
5 days ago
Ive liked him for four years.He told me he used to like me.
My sistar and my grandma want me to ask him to pretty sure he has a gf tho.i need advice
KandyKanes (01866)
6 days ago
Pffft, I am not talking to him. Plus he would never ask me out or anything like that. I wouldn't ever ask him either because in all honesty he's gross. Thanks for the fun quiz though! :)
Hopeless (07640)
6 days ago
That seemed super dramatic. I'm not head over heels, I think right now I'm just caught up in the moment.
Hopeless (07640)
6 days ago
So basically I know this guy and we are friends and I didn't even realize I liked him until a few weeks ago. He has great morals, is determined, confident and doesnt really care what others think, Which is great. Both his friends liked me so thats weird but anyways his personality is great (yes, sometimes hes a lil loud and childish but in a mature way) He is the best musician in his section (just like me, not trying to brag), has a 4.0 gpa (just like me!) And his family is great. We hang out n stuff and talk about philosophy because I'm OBSSESSED with philosophy and ye. Hes not your typical dude. He's pretty short and not all that attractive. He is also like that one really religious guy whose Mormon and stuff.
He says I'm the kindest person hes ever met... Doubtful to me. We were talking and And he went on saying that he doesn't know what to judge who he likes on, how kind or good people they are or like... and then he trailed off. And I said, "Well it doesn't really matter. A crush is a crush. I do not think there is really an algorithm to it." ... "Who DO you like?" and then he was like "No one! Well, I mean- You are like the kindest person I've ever met, and you are like SO nice... No no no not like that. I don't like you like that. I mean, we're friends."
::Insert my awkward laugh::
Insert being friendzoned or him being confused?

Lol sorry that was SO long
Nasje (29979)
7 days ago
It said he definitely likes me but he HATES ME. He told me to 💗 once and we don't even know each other and we ended up fighting in class. Not a fist fight but yknow back and forth
help me(teal) (49627)
7 days ago
Hey Dylan thanks a ton for the advice it really helped. He told me how he felt (he does like me) so I told him too and I think my issue worked itself out!
Dylan (77229)
7 days ago
K. With what? What is the situation or something?
Hopeless (07640)
7 days ago
Lol me. If you are still there?????
Dylan (77229)
7 days ago
Anyone else need advice?
Trinity (87220)
7 days ago
My friends made a ship name for us (Tevan(
Dylan (77229)
8 days ago
In that kind of situation to where he thinks you like someone else, but he likes you, he might end up moving on if you don't confess your feelings. Most people move on once they realize they have no chance with the person they like, which may be what he thinks.
Dylan (77229)
8 days ago
Well, in my opinion I would say he was sad because of guy #2. He probably likes you if he spends a lot of time with you and smiles around you most of the time and jokes with you nicely.