Does He Really Like Me?

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I know, I know! Another one of those, "Does he like me?" quizzes! Well, take this one! The results reveal more than just, "He does like you" or "He doesn't like you."

  • 1
    First of all, when do you see this boy and how often?
    First of all, when do you see this boy and how often?
  • 2
    Do you ever notice him looking at you? Then what happens?
  • 3
    Has he ever spoken to you?
    Has he ever spoken to you?
  • 4
    Now, does he ever call you?
  • 5
    Has he ever complimented you?
  • 6
    Has he ever looked at you when you/he walked into a room?
    Has he ever looked at you when you/he walked into a room?
  • 7
    Do you THINK he likes you?
  • 8
    What is his "label"?
    What is his "label"?
  • 9
    Has he ever hinted or told his/your friends that he likes you?
  • 10
    Has he ever asked you out?
  • 11
    Has he ever borrowed something of yours or loaned you something of his?
    Has he ever borrowed something of yours or loaned you something of his?
  • 12
    Do you get along with him?

  • 13
    Does he have a girlfriend?
    Does he have a girlfriend?
  • 14
    Does he have a nickname for you?
  • 15
    Has he gone out with one of your best friends?
  • 16
    In the hall or somewhere outside of class, does he ever look at you, talk to you or smile at you?
    In the hall or somewhere outside of class, does he ever look at you, talk to you or smile at you?
  • 17
    Does he ever make an excuse to sit by you?
  • 18
    Have you ever held hands with him?
  • 19
    Has he ever made a rude remark to you?
  • 20
    FUN QUESTIONS! Has he ever said something like one of THESE to you?
    1. When you laughed at him, did he start smiling and sweetly say something like,"You laughing at me?"
    2. When you complimented him, did he say something like: "Thanks, [your name]. It means a lot to me you think that."
  • 21
    On a scale of 1 to 4, rate how much you think he looks at you.
    4 = a lot, 1 = not much at all
  • 22
    You drop your books. He bends down to pick them up for you. When he hands them to you, he looks into your eyes and smiles.
  • 23
    (Almost done!)
    Has he ever said "I love you," even just jokingly?
  • 24
    Which statement do you think he would be MOST LIKELY to say?
  • 25
    Do you REALLY think he likes you?
    LAST QUESTION! Do you REALLY think he likes you?

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4 days ago
There’s this guy in my class I have a crush on but we used to date
10 days ago
On October 22nd I took this test before I went to school and it said that he liked me so I was like cool at lunch recess his friend went up to me and ask if u want to go out with him :) I said yes ofc. But I thought it was crazy as hell
12 days ago
PLZ i really need some advice...

So there is this guy who went to my primary school (i'm British btw) and i like, really like him and at the end of year 6 i felt that he kinda liked me but i wasn't sure. Also, my friend was dating him then but it wasn't really a real relationship, which is ok. We have all now moved up to secondary school and we are both in different classes and we're only in maths 2gether. My friend broke up with him coz she liked another guy, but i feel like she still sort of likes him. also, my other friend used to like him but said she stopped after our friend started dating, but they are not anymore so she might still like him. anyway, i don't know if i should even tell my friends if i like him in case they will get mad. i really want to know if he likes me but i am afraid that he has forgotten about me. PLEASE HELP ME COZ I AM SOO CONFUSION!!!!!!!
14 days ago
hey guys im new here, i really like my friend samuel. He invited me to hang out this weekend and it would be just the two of us at the mall. We would be having dinner together. Do yall think he might like me?
19 days ago
Me too Kitty. I used to have a huge crush on him, but to be honest, im not really sure if I still do anymore
29 days ago
BRO it says that he crazy likes me. If you ask me, on a scale of one to 10, I would say 2 or 3. He probs used to like me, but bro, not anymore!
41 days ago
thnx you are giving me conference to tell him i like him
42 days ago
So. He's 2 years older, and we're in the school musical and that's how I know him. We have hugged and we have held hands and we have partnered up to dance, but, all because of an activity. He will look at me, hold eye contact for a bit and rather smile or just look away. He did flirt with me in the past, and he seems to talk to me more than he does to other girls (as far as I've seen). He isn't that shy. When we see each other in the hallway we just look at each other and pass by. I am confused help
44 days ago
@Help me. This boy crazy likes u, I don't know why u even have to ask about it! Go for it. Even if u r too shy to ask him out u can still get his number for training related things and go on from there after you have moved up to high sch.
44 days ago
@I might exist, sorry, it sounds like he doesn't like you and that he barely knows you, you can never be sure tho so if u wanna go for it go for it
44 days ago
K so there is this boy in the year above me who's a player basically. He used to go out with my friend before we even met and she says the reason that they broke up was cuz he was cheating on her bad. This boy is SUPER loud EXTRA ANNOYING and CRAZY hot. He sometimes looks at me weirdly but I can't tell for how long because if I look at him for more than five seconds he'll call me a female dog 🐶 just like usual lol. He does that with everyone tho. He's mean but I find him kinda funny cuz he's so easy to get on his nerves . I've name him dip**** sorry about the swearing. It happens a lot in my sch. But this one day he was really quiet and I was worried if he was alright I literally poked him with my umbrella and called him a loner (my way of asking if he was alright without sounding sketchy) and he said nothing. He didn't even seem bothered I had just wacked him on the head with an umbrella, he'd usually freak out and push me over, while smiling cuz its sort of a teasing thing for us. A day later I found out he was ill and a year seven kid ran up to hi and told him I was worried about him. Awkward... And since lil dipper gets on my bus I sat near him to make sure he was alright. He seemed to be acting normal again so he must have recovered. But I was surprised he didn't use the fact I liked him as a reason to tease me. (but he did make a rule I wasn't allowed to cross a certain row of seats in the bus because he knew I'd hit him with my lil umbrella. He told me that since the stars were on the other side of the seperation line is have to climb out the window to get off the bus)so woof
46 days ago
He is a year younger than me and we play sports together in school (it's like we compete against other schools together) i am the team captain, and he is really good and we tease and mock each other all the time. He says my name in a VERY thick french accent even though his normal voice is COMPLETELY different. He has complimented several times about me being a good leader and player. He smiles at me when he walks past most of the time and says my name loudly a few times in public.when we are training, he is usually partners with me and always teases playfully and makes me laugh a lot. Once i fell over and grazed my leg when i was GA and he was GD and i still played but asked if i could play goal shooter instead of goal attack because you run less and when he saw me swap he swap to goal keeper for the other team so he could defend me. He would look at my leg and ask if i was ok and when i said i was fine in a bored tone, he started playfully chasing me to make me feel happy. he is really sweet but once in a game he saw a player from the other team and told me that she apparently had a crush on him because he knew someone who knew her. I was defending her and she talked about him a lot during the game. While he was intercepting the ball, he accidentally tripped over his player and she had to go off and he looked guilty so i said it wasnt his fault and asked if he was ok. he looked at me sadly and nodded. That half he played well but didnt look as happy. during the break i told him that the girl who apparently had a crush on him, definitely did and he nodded glumly and after that we played and every time during the game that he would look at me it was as if he was trying to tell me something. I kept asking if he was ok because he he fell over twice in the game (no graze just a trip) he would say i am fine and tell me to play in a normal but not joyful tone like usual. Afterwards he might tease me a little but he just lay down during the second game (we didnt have two games that week) it was hot so i assumed it was heatstroke but i dont know if it was me and that girl. when we were walking to the bus to drive us back home, we played a bit when i was trying to get the captain's book from the box that he was carrying cos we were both helping out. He would look at me and he almost acted normal again. But then he might zone out in tiredness later on while he was sitting down with his friend waiting for the bus. He would look at me and we'd keep eye contact multiple times on the bus and trying to catch each other's gaze as there were people in the way. I dont know what to do. I am leaving the school at the end of the year, i only have 2-3 months and he is a year younger and i am not going to the local high school. I have REALLY STRONG feelings for him but i dont know how he feels. Also our sport against school has ended so we might meet up to play if the teacher lets us but other than that we'll just past each other during break and stuff. Plus he's always with his friends and me too.
55 days ago
This is a pretty good quiz actually lol
60 days ago
Alright so there’s this guy and I’m at a new school where I know nobody and no one knows me but this one guy who yesterday spent half of class (45 min approx.) with me only and at different points he asked if I had a boyfriend (I said no and he smiled), and we were flying a paper airplane to this other table and having a random convo with them, and at one point we were thinking of a comeback and he touched both sides of my head with his pointer fingers and told me to use my full brain power, said that making an airplane was my best idea ever, and said my name a lot. Also we did a fist bump but idk if that matters. We’re in 9th grade btw. But today, he barely talked to me. So idk what’s up. Maybe it’s cuz we didn’t have a chance to, but like he sends rather mixed signals. He also looks at me like he thinks I’m special, but maybe he does that to everyone, cuz he has a bunch of friends, I think. Anyway, do u think he likes me?
61 days ago
Living.being- yeah let's hope he doesn't have a girlfriend!
62 days ago
I still see the person from my school more since we are on the bus together but we rarely talk because he always has a girl crowd guarding him lol, so I guess I sort of agree, now I just gotta hope that he doesn't gotta girl already...
62 days ago
Thanks for the help!
64 days ago
Living.being- I think the better choice is the one that goes to rock climbing with you because you will probably see him more, he doesn't have a girlfriend, and you guys sound cute together 💜💜
66 days ago
So I like these two people... One of them I go rock climbing with and the other goes to the same school as me...
The first, I see once a week for two hours and we're quite good friends and frequently tease each other... People have said we would make a good couple...
The other used to be in most of my classes but now he's in the other half so we wont really see each other except break and lunch... He has a girlfriend and they get along really well, better than me and him do. But his friends have teased about us as well and he stares a bit (at everyone tho)...
Hate the timeless stuck between two boys story... Little help plz? 😅
78 days ago
AWWWW HE LIKES MEEEE! That was a 99.999999% chance of the test saying that he didn't... Sksksksk he probably doesn't like me. My friend told me to tell him, or she could for me, but I've got really bad luck. He would just say something like "oh, we're just friends" Or "no, you're just over thinking it"


I'm not saying anything Ō-Ō