The All you need to know about Friends

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This is a quiz for all of you people who think you know everything about Friends.

  • 1
    Why didn't Ross' Parents like Chandler?
  • 2
    Why does Monica have to go to the eye doctor on Thanksgiving day?
  • 3
    How did Phoebe, Joey, and Monica now that Ross was the father of Rachel's baby?

  • 4
    In the last season why did Joey tell Monica and Chandler that the house they were going to buy had mould?
  • 5
    Why doesn't any one want Rachel as their secret Santa?
  • 6
    On the list of Pros and cons of dating Rachel that Ross made up what was one of the cons?

  • 7
    How does Ross find out about Chandler and Monica?
  • 8
    What is Rachel afraid of that Emma might have to get when she is older?
  • 9
    What does the nanny play for Emma on the recorder?
  • 10
    Why does Ross have to give up Marcel his monkey?

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