Charmed Quotes: Season Three

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Do you know which sister said what during Prue's last season?

  • 1
    "Oh, you know, witches and trials, it's that whole Salem thing." (The Honeymoon's Over)
  • 2
    "If I had a dollar for every time an owl turned into a hot guy on our porch..." (Magic Hour)
  • 3
    "The tooth fairy is going to come and harass us all for not flossing? (Once Upon a Time)

  • 4
    "Personally, I'm offended by the representation of witches in popular culture." (All Halliwell's Eve)
  • 5
    "There are other evils in the world, and some of them are even human." (Sight Unseen)
  • 6
    "Since we got back from Pilgrim times, she's been on a demon bender." (Sight Unseen)

  • 7
    "Me, I'm on a mission." (Sight Unseen)
  • 8
    "Lunch is a cheap imitation of dinner." (Primrose Empathy)
  • 9
    "Sometimes being magical kind of takes the magic right out of things." (Primrose Empathy)
  • 10
    "Leo, you obviously don't have sisters. One minute you're arguing about something, and then suddenly you're arguing about who took whose Malibu Barbie in 1979." (Power Outage)

  • 11
    "With my sister dead, I have nothing left to lose." (Coyote Piper)
  • 12
    "Why couldn't you get a boy-band song stuck in your head like everyone else?" (We All Scream For Ice-Cream)
  • 13
    "She doesn't like our clothes." (Blinded By The White lighter)
  • 14
    Natalie: "You need outfits that are loose and move. That means no more braless, strapless, fearless attire."
    (Blinded by the White lighter)
  • 15
    "Innocents and alleys. Don't they ever learn?" (Wrestling With Demons)
  • 16
    "As Halliwells, we are blessed as witches, and we are cursed as women." (Just Harried)

  • 17
    "What are we? Like in the Warlock's Guide to San Francisco?" (Pre Witched)
  • 18
    "Wouldn't it be nice to save the world at a decent hour?" (The Demon Who Came In From The Cold)
  • 19
    "We need to detoxify a demon." (Exit Strategy)
  • 20
    "You're not an easy girl to dump." (All Hell Breaks Loose)

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